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If ever there was a TV station that makes you want to do something with wood, HGTV is it. Since Carey and I found the home we chose to buy, I've been watching entirely too much HGTV. Design on a Dime, I Want That, Design Remix, Designer Finals, Curb Appeal, Decorating Cents, Designed to Sell, Divine Design, House Hunters, House Detective, Kitchen Trends, and reDesign top the list.

Many of the shows do things that are nice, and many do things pretty inexpensively. Carey and I are fortunate to be able to buy a house that won't need a lot of work right away, but over time, we'll do what we can to "make it ours." Today, on Divine Design for example, the freakishly tall lady made a leopard print bachelor pad for a 15-year old. Not quite right, if you ask me, but she did have one idea I liked: thin, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on each side of a padded crushed velvet headboard. The floor in my bedroom to be is a rich blue, and a crushed velvet headboard with oak side shelves and a matching bed cover might look quite nice.

Of course, by the time Carey and I move in and get settled, it'll be time for winter and the outdoor activities (painting, sawing, etc.) will probably not be possible. But then again, we will have a garage and a basement…

HGTV is online at of course. I wish they didn't have so many re-runs. Oh, and if their site worked with Macs better, that'd be nice too. 😛

3 Responses to "HGTV"

  1. The home improvement shows are fine, but keep an eye out if she swicthes to TLC's "A Baby Story".

  2. I want to know how to make that tall headboard with the crushed velvet that the girl made on the designer finals show, I think it was in browns etc, with lights for reading at night? Everything else I find on making a headboard is much shorter and...not what Im looking for. Also, can you email me a pic of that so I can show my husband since he will be helping to build it?

  3. I love watching HGTV. I usually can settle down to watch it during the evenings. Please try and cut down on house hunters, designto sell and all the other buying houses shows. I watch to learn new decorating ideas and gardening shows. How about some real people live decorating ideas,how we use our creative skills. Thanks again for being on so that we all can become gereat decorators.