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“Reduce File Size”

Preview offers a "Reduce File Size" option in the save panel when I choose "PDF" as the file type. When I choose it and attempt to save the file, Preview promptly quits without so much as a standard crash dialog and the file fails to appear.

Suffice to say, this feature appears to be borked. Does this happen for others? I'd like to verify before I file a bug.

The other options, including "Sepia Tone," "Gray Tone," "Blue Tone," and "Lightness Decrease" seem to work properly, but "Reduce File Size" crashes every time.

8 Responses to "“Reduce File Size”"

  1. Hm, it's quite the opposite for me... "Reduce File Size" worked on a test PDF here, but "Blue Tone" crashed. Haven't tried all the other options, neither have I experimented with other PDFs.

  2. Yes I have had the same issue. Weird.

  3. Bug # 4105106.

  4. I just tried it but I couldn't reproduce this. Do you find any kind of pattern (like which version of the PDF standard, does it use specific technologies like forms or whatever)?

    As I have done quite some stuff with PDF before, I would suggest you provide Apple with a file where it happens for them to reproduce. Otherwise, it's pretty problematic to track down as saying "this happens with PDFs" is very general. Does it _always_ happen for you or can you find specific document types where it happens?

  5. I have tried all option under the save-as PDF option and they all work fine for me.

  6. Where/How are you submitting bugs to get a number assigned to them?

  7. Bugs submitted via. RadarWeb ( get numbers and a status.

  8. I thought the idea behind the reduction, was to make smaller PDFs of font heavy files with font substitution or whatever. PDFs can become famously bloated, for the amount of information within.

    If you were processing files that were mostly photographic in nature, I would suspect "reduce file size" to do almost nothing. It is not the image content that is apparently behind PDF bloat, but the nature of formatted text description that can really make some PDF files a bit larger than necessary.