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Bosch, Maytag, Whirlpool Washers and Dryers

I dropped by Lowe's again today on "my lunch break" to have a look at some of the washers and dryers. It boils down to the $1800 set of one of three brands: Bosch, Whirlpool, and Maytag. If you're not shopping for a washer or dryer, no doubt this entry will be rather boring. I don't really care - I'm just looking to consolidate my research in one place, so, this post more than others is for me (and Carey).

First, some links (first two columns) and prices:

Name         Washer               Dryer (Elec)      Total $ (Disc)
----         ----------------     ------------      --------------
Bosch          $997, 3.7 ft^3     $747, 6.2 ft^3    $1,744 ($1570)
Maytag       $1,099, 3.8 ft^3     $799, 7.3 ft^3    $1,898 ($1708)
Whirlpool    $1,097, 3.8 ft^3     $847, 7.0 ft^3    $1,944 ($1750)

Reviews at (because I have no idea where else to look up reviews):

Bosch WFMC 3200 Front Load Washer: 4.5 stars, 11 reviews
Bosch Nexxt WTMC 3300 Electric Dryer: 5 stars, 2 reviews

Maytag (Reviews are for older models)
Maytag MAH 8700 Neptune Front Load Washer: 3.5 stars, 9 reviews
Maytag MAH 9700 Neptune Electric Dryer: 4 stars, 4 reviews

Whirlpool GHW9150 Front Load Washer: 5 stars, 2 reviews
Whirlpool GEW9250 Electric Dryer: No Reviews

24 Responses to "Bosch, Maytag, Whirlpool Washers and Dryers"

  1. If you haven't done so already, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Consumer Reports for a month to see the reviews on the various brands. Or stop by your local library and peruse their dead-tree issues for the same information.

    CR's information is probably worth a bit more than that of the ~2-dozen individuals who had strong enough opinions to post on

  2. I would suggest you to check with 'Sears Appliance outlet'; I bought comparable Kenmore refurbished with warranty(just to be sure, usually i don't buy warranties) for $850. Its been 5 years and they are going great(both washer and dryer)

    1. I bag to differ..... I bought a Kemore front load from the Seas Outlet in July, 2007. Loved that machine until it died. That wahser lasted 16 months. Got the Sears guy to come in, charged me around $90 visiting fee since I didn't buy the warranty, ordered computer parts, talked me into buying warranty etc. totalled about $800 ( same amount I spent on the washer).
      After 4 visits and a lot of of phone calls and hassels and waiting time, first they told me that Frigidaire does not make the computer parts any more. Then turned out they found one somewhere else, but still could not fix it. Called the service centre and my situation is still being put "on hold". No washing machine for 4 months now.
      The gist of it : Sears/ Kenmore/Frigidaire offer no back up service, no techno skills to deal , lack of efficiency.

  3. I'm a subscriber, actually. And they rate the Kenmores highly in some instances… but typically in the low end of the market.

  4. I have researched this as well, and also subscribe to I think you should look at the Kenmore He4t line.


  5. If the discount doesn't include a method of payment, Discover Card is offering an additional 5% back for home improvement purchases for the rest of the month.

  6. Thanks for the notice, Plaid. I'll have to see if my parents wouldn't mind putting it on their Discover card. The 10% discount is from Lowe's and is a one-time thing from their Website, I guess.

  7. The 5% from Discover is actually is actually 5% cash-back instead of the usual cash back percentages. I think it depends on which Discover card you have and you must sign up for the "Redecorate/Remodel" promotion at Then it will take at least a month to actually get the cash-back. In other words, this is a good thing to do, but it's a pain and will take a while to actually get.

  8. You must sign up for the promotion ahead of time, but that is the only requirement. The 5% is in addition to the standard cash-back percentage, both of which will show up on the next statement, from which a check can be requested. A little bit of work, but a free $75+. (And it works really well if you regularly put money on the discover card. Before the home improvement, they did 5% back at gyms and sports equipment stores.)

  9. I bought the Kenmore HE3t last year when I moved into my new house. It has worked out great but I didn't realize how much vibration the traditional front loaders made on spin cycle and so the house sounds like a freight train is coming through for about 10 minutes as all the walls and floors vibrate.

    There's a website out there about some other front loaders that have vibration dampening in them where the drum and motor are actually suspended on shock mounts. If vibration is a concern you may want to do some research. Other than that we're pleased with our HE3t and matching dryer.

  10. I know you didn't mention these, but I just bought the LG set a few months ago. I have a rundown of the whys and wherefores on my blog at .

    The bottom line for us was cost and the fact that we didn't need a HUGE washer (the LGs are a bit smaller than the Kenmore/Whirlpool one. The Maytags have had some mold issues that I think have been resolved in their front loading versions.

    Also, the vibration notes should be taken seriously. Ours is in our basement, so we don't have any issues, but folks have had the front loaders shake the house enough to pop drywall. This is only a concern if your washer and dryer are on the first or second floor (assuming you have a basement). Second floors are especially bad.

    Those stands they sell for another $100 or so can help with the vibration, but leveling it is the best thing to try.

    We still stuck with the front loader because they are so much more efficient with big loads.

  11. I like Maytag MAH 9700. It seems to be better built than others.

  12. In addition to the Dyson DC15 we bought today, Carey and I spent a bit of money in some other stores. We went to Home Depot first, despite not having a 10% off coupon. Having read Consumer Reports, we were...

  13. I've just bought the Maytag MAH 9700 and really love it. It is quiet & vibration is not a problem.

  14. Just got Maytag MAH 9700 delivered and the washer vibrates and moves. The gas dryer doesn't work. It took a week to get service.

  15. Repair guy told us the only wahser and dryer he would buy right now is the Whirlpool Duets. ALl others are made so cheaply with foreign parts it is hard for him to even work on them.

  16. Anyone got any suggestions on how to reduce the severe vibrations we get from our Whirlpool deut front load washer? We just moved into a 9 year old home with a main floor laundry and at the height of the spin cycle the vibrations are felt through the whole house. We have ceramic floors and I'm afraid of damage. We had a Whirlpool technician come out and he told it is balanced (nothing wrong with the machine) and that this machine is meant for concrete floors!!! Neither the manual nor the Leons salesman told us that. I am looking for something to put under it to absorb vibrations.

    1. have you had any remedy to your problem? I have the same problem. My washer is moving as far as 6 feet from it's original spot.

  17. Help. i have the opportunity to buy a kenmore he3t and matching gas dryer. If they are three years old, how much are they worth? Do you suggest i buy them or get somethng new. i priced them with the pedastoll, gas hookups ad they are @ $2,600 new. What are they worth used and what should I buy new if they want a particualr price? In other words, what is too musch to pay and what should I consider instweasd? i am seriously thinking about a front loader set like kenmore, whirlpool, bosch. etc.

  18. Help. I want to buy a set of Kenmorw he3t washers and dryers that a 3 years old. replacement would be @$2thousand. Any idea what the value is?

  19. Went out this morning and bought a Bosch washer and dryer within an hour after the Sears repairman, making the fifth service call in less than a year on our washer alone, said he had to order parts and it could be two weeks before we could use our washer. There have also been a number of service calls for our Kenmore dryer. Both washer and dryer, purchased in 1999 and having an extended service contract, are top of the Kenmore line. I don't anticipate walking into a Sears store at any time in the rest of my life. My son has the same Bosch models I bought and he says they are fantastic.

  20. I know Maytag was going out of business. Apliance repair man said not to buy one, hard to get parts.
    Bosch and LG are supposedly top notch.
    electronic do not hold their value. Call an appliance repair shop that sells used appliances they will tell you.

  21. I purchased the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. $2532.28 The day it was delivered the washer power button stayed on and wouldn't let you use any features. Service said it would be 4 days before could come out. Called Lowes, brought another washer out same day. 2 weeks later dryer stuck on 08 minutes and ran for 1 1/2 hours before I realized what was going on. Called service, 7 days before they arrived (have to be at home from 8 til 5 not knowing when they will arrive) came at 4:30 and said he didn't know what was wrong and said I would have to reschedule. I said NO! I've wasted all day here waiting on you and you have to fix it now before you leave! Not happy he called whirlpool and they told him there was a problem with the wiring harness and to re-wrap senser wire by itself. He said "I'll be he for awhile because I have to take apart your machine to get to the wires" I said "Have at it!" 35 mins.later he said he hopes that fixes it, he wasn't sure. Next week the washer stuck on fluf (after the last hard spin, it spins to fluf the clothes before it shuts off) 07 minutes and ran for 45 mins. Called for serv. 7 days again. While waiting for serv. tech, dryer stuck on 07 minutes on damp cycle and ran for over an hour before I saw it was stuck again.
    This washer and dryer does NOT say energy it COST YOU because they both get stuck on cycles and NEVER SHUT OFF!

  22. [quote comment="42130"]This washer and dryer does NOT say energy it COST YOU because they both get stuck on cycles and NEVER SHUT OFF![/quote]

    That's not been my experience at all. Carey and I couldn't be happier with ours.