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NSLog(); is Temporarily ‘Hidden’

For various reasons, which most of you should be able to guess, the home page to this site - - is now pretty bland. The "home page" continues to exist at index.php, but I updated the DirectoryIndex directive to put index.html ahead of index.php, and index.html is the bland "Erik/Orange/Geek" thing you see now. It will probably remain there for two to three weeks.

In the meantime, all PermaLinks remain unchanged, and you can still visit the home page if you have any desire to do so by adding "index.php" to the end of the domain name.

6 Responses to "NSLog(); is Temporarily ‘Hidden’"

  1. So how many people will actually be able to find this entry?

  2. Uhm, anyone subscribed to the feed.

  3. Not sure if it is temporary, but I love the new look of this site. My appologies if this has been up for a while, i've been reading your posts lately only via RSS 🙂

  4. Dasme, the grey-green has been up since April 29 or so. Not too long.

  5. Oh, U 2 R so cute! 🙂

  6. I assume this is because you're job interviewing, and if that's the case, I think that not only should you not try to hide yourself, but you should actually let the people you're interviewing with know that you blog.


    1. It's Not Dangerous

    2. Google can probably still find your entries (and I wouldn't want to work for someone who *couldn't* find something that's this casually hidden).

    3. It's going to come out eventually, and hiding it just comes off as kind of ... an undesirable trait in a potential / new employee?

    Given all that, I actually put my blog on my resume, even despite some of the obvious problems it has in its current half maintained state.

    If it's not because you're interviewing, feel free to delete this comment.