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QotD: TV Size

Question: How big is your TV? How far do you sit from it?

My Answer: 36", currently, and about eight or nine feet, tops.

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13 Responses to "QotD: TV Size"

  1. 27". 6-10' away. I know... but it's big enough. it's not like there's anything good on TV anyway, and I watch most of my movies on my Powerbook...

  2. 13", and I sit pretty close -- maybe three feet away. Because I only ever use it for gamecube. It's this TV, you may remember it being in video game stores in the nineties (which is when I bought it for half price, being a couple years old, and it still runs like a champ):

    Lotsa people I know are buying plasmas and what not. I hope that, for the six large that people are paying for them, those TVs still work like a champ after ten years of use. But I'm pretty skeptical.

  3. Doh, I really ought to read the instructions before making an assumption about how to add links to my posts.

  4. 42" and about 10'. Much closer gave me a headache, farther would push the couch right in the middle of the room and obstruct flow.

  5. 21", and across the room.

    But then it's only used for tv (and I don't do a lot of that), projector is for movie and xbox gaming watching.

  6. I have no TV and I like it that way.

  7. 46" (Samsung DLP) and about 7' to 8'.

  8. 27", about 8-12 feet away. It sounds small, but its in a wall unit which makes it seem smaller than it is.

    Then I have the Xbox and PS2 hooked up in the basement to a 23", about 4-8' away.

  9. 50" (Samsung DLP) and about 7'-8'. I'd probably prefer to move just a little further back, but can't.

  10. 27" Sony Trinitron. 8-10 feet.

  11. 27" standard, plain RCA branded television. Kids sit right in front of it, maybe 2-3ft or so... Wife and I on the other-hand probably sit a good 7-8 feet. It's about 8 years old and wont be replaced until HDTV is done right and cheap(er).

    Want a good non-scientific way to determine if your TV is the right size for viewing from your preferred comfy chair/couch? Sitting wherever you prefer hold your arm extended, palm out covering the view of your screen. If the height of your screen is about the same as your fingertips to the base of your hand it's perfect, otherwise move something (yourself or TV) or buy a new TV. Of course, others will probably disagree. <shrug>

  12. 50" Sony DLP.. I dunno how close I am to it but I had to get an extension cord for both the PS2 and Xbox game controllers an they are located just to the right of the TV.

    The only bad thing I could say about the TV is that there's bulb involved, but that's the case with ALL DLP. I would have liked to have had additional DVI inputs, too, but I think it's quite reasonable to only have one - I think I'm unreasonable to want to hook up a HD cable box AND a MCE PC via DVI.

    Also, I went with Video Only, a local-to-WA chain - they had some mogambo warantee on it that lasts for 5 or 7 years AND includes replacement bulbs - who ever you go to, ask for a similar deal, if you go with a DLP

  13. 52" and about 10 feet away.

    (hey, randy, just use component cables for your cable box. the amount of information HD cable gives is not high enough to justify using DVI or HDMI, it's bandwidth fits entirely into component, and sometimes even looks better.)