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Marriage License

Carey and I are going to apply for our marriage license later today. Whoopty doo! We've successfully managed to make getting married the least exciting thing we may do this week. no pomp, no circumstance (well, not in the "pomp and circumstance" sort of way) - just paperwork. Joy of joys! 😀

4 Responses to "Marriage License"

  1. With such an outrageously happy smiley, your readers are bound to at least grin. I know I did. But making it the least exciting thing? I guess I don't have enough experience with marriages to fully understand that 😉

  2. OK, got our license. Five minutes, five questions, and $45 later. We can pick it up on Thursday.

  3. uh oh, a _license_ ??

    You mean, you went for a dual core license didn't you *g*

    Hmm does it need activation upon the first use? or can you conveniently try it for 30 days until you need to activate it?

    yeah i :-X better now 🙂

  4. I got my license on May second down here in Florida, and it was $61 AFTER we took a marriage preparation course. It seems like getting married is a little more involved down here in Florida.

    We also had to read a state-written pamphlet on the legal ramifications of marriage, spousal abuse, and a HOW TO on divorce and what will happen once you get one.

    So, when do you two tie the knot? My wedding was last week on 05/05/05.