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(Possibly Temporary) New Cell Phone Number

Anyone who knows me and needs my new cell phone number, please AIM or email me. The area code is 814, and I'm testing this one out to see how the coverage is in my area with the new service provider, Cellular One.

The phone is a Motorola V555. I guess a slightly cheaper version of the V600 - my old phone - which I gave to Carey. The V555 does not work with iSync, and currently, Cellular One doesn't seem to work with text messages sent via AOL Instant Messenger. This may be a potentially serious issue.

Update: Apparently, Cellular One uses both an "inside" and an "outside" email address to send text messages, and AOL thinks that the messages are spam. This according to a customer service rep with Cellular One. This may be a major kink in operations: I use my cell phone to communicate with those on AIM fairly regularly.

If you didn't know this, you can type "+1##########" (where the #s are the ten-digit phone number) to send text messages to cell phones. Just send a short message to the username "+10123456789" (for the phone number 012-345-6789). Try it on your cell phone if you'd like.

P.S. AOL's Mobile Tech Support unit can be reached at (866) 265-3019.

6 Responses to "(Possibly Temporary) New Cell Phone Number"

  1. Is that anything like a V551? That's what I have now. In 10.3, it works with iSync only via a USB cable. With Tiger, it works via Bluetooth. If you really need to sync it via Bluetooth in 10.3, OnSync works with it.

  2. Are you testing AIM 5.2,Erik, or does your cell phone have AIM Mobile or something?

    Like many Americans, I don't do SMS at all. But I might on occasion, if it were as easy as sending an instant message from the computer, pop 150 characters to someones cell.

    For now, the new service will be limited to those participating in a trial of AOL's newest version of AIM, 5.2. ----Ben Charny, CNET

  3. Bud: no, and no. You've missed the point or something…

  4. Umm, the point that you say you can text message a cell phone via AIM, when it doesn't seem to work? That point?

    Or the point that by saying "Try It", you really meant "Try It to see if it works for you." It doesn't. Sure, you made other points as well, but I don't want your new cell number. Sure, you have the support number for AIM mobile listed as well, but beyond including that number, you seemed fairly confidant that it worked. Not that it MIGHT work.

    The reason it might not work could be the carrier, my phone, the way I have it set up. Or the version of AIM involved, as suggested by that CNET quote. I know. Not your problem.

  5. Bud, it's irrelevant what version of AIM I'm using. I used Adium before, and no "version" works now. It's an AOL/Cellular One problem.

  6. Dude, you can hack the Applications/
    /PhoneModelsSync.phoneplugin/Contents/Resources/MetaClasses.plist file to make iSync work w/ your V555. That's what I did. Just duplicate the V551 entry and change everything to V555.