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QotD: Today

Question: What day is today? How long did it take you to think of it, and what made you sure you knew the day?

My Answer: Wednesday, about two seconds, and I knew it was Wednesday because I played in my golf league yesterday.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

4 Responses to "QotD: Today"

  1. Thursday, and it took me less than a second, because my work schedule differs on Wednesdays, which was yesterday.

  2. I, of course, read this on Thursday. And was temporarily confused. And I think that is very telling in itself.

  3. Thursday. 1-2 seconds. I'm quite sure since I use MenuCalendarClock iCal which I use to display "Thursday May 12, 2005 1:47:18 PM" in my menu bar.

  4. Thursday. It took a couple of minutes to get the Monster House guy who follows me around warmed up.