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Bought a Dyson DC15 – ‘The Ball’

Dyson DC15I got a Dyson DC15 today. It's nicknamed "The Ball" because, like AC/DC, it has big balls. Well, one of 'em anyway.

Normally, of course, I wouldn't spend $635 on a stupid vacuum cleaner. I'd live with sawdust floors before I'd spend more than a month's rent on something that sucks. Fortunately, I paid only $381.59 (including the 6% sales tax). It's brand new, and I used the combination of a price match and a percent off coupon (even though the coupon specifically excluded Dyson products) to get the deal.

Carey's making me keep it in the box. If this thing works half as well as some people say it does, ladies, pay attention. If you want your husband to vacuum for you, try to get a good deal on a Dyson. I can't wait to give it a spin. Or a roll.

9 Responses to "Bought a Dyson DC15 – ‘The Ball’"

  1. Cool. Chris and I have a Dyson and we love it.

  2. Oddly, the web retailer I used as the "price match" has reverted their pricing to standard $599 pricing. This morning the price was $449 and some text next to the price said "Special Introductory Pricing" or something like that.

    Despite the coupon saying "no dyson products," Bed, Bath, & Beyond took the 20% coupon. Honestly, it's one of the reasons I shop there. I shopped there a lot in Florida, and they've always been good to their customers (well, to me at least).

  3. I hope you'll tell us what you think when you start using it. 🙂

  4. Will do, Jenna.

  5. In all due respect, I simply don't get this. My first impression once I saw the model: how the hell could ANYONE actually want to vacuum clean with this thing?!

    I gave it a try. I went to the site and obediently consumed all the marketing hype. I still don't get it. In my view, it's HUGE and TOTALLY impractical.

    I guess this is one of the US vs EU differences. In my view, a vacuum cleaner should consist of a body (size doesn't matter) and a handheld telescopic tube connected to it. The tube can go anywhere - on only AROUND a table, but UNDER it as well. It's light to maneuvre, light to carry, fits everywhere.

    Like this, if you want a nifty small one:

    Or this, if you want a multi-purpose behemoth:

    Anyway. Just my 2 cents. I don't get it. 🙂

  6. zzen,

    Weight allows a vacuum to bear down on a rug, allowing any beaters to kick up the dirt from our American shag carpeting.

    The tasteful hard wood floors and sensible carpet lengths of the EU may work fine with a wand, but to us it would be like mowing the lawn with a weedeater, or a push mower (the old fashioned non motorized kind, which take a bit of effort to start their flywheel going ).

  7. Dyson's certainly have suction, but Dyson is not a student of minimalism in industrial design and I think they made have added all those complicated attachments to justify the price. It's too much to think about in a vacumn, it's not an applicance any longer, but a complicated machine to suck dirt off floors.

  8. Bud,

    sincere thanks for enlightening me on the use of US vacuum cleaners. It does make more sense now 🙂 - even though I do agree with the -b-'s assessment. 😉

  9. In addition to the Dyson DC15 we bought today, Carey and I spent a bit of money in some other stores. We went to Home Depot first, despite not having a 10% off coupon. Having read Consumer Reports, we were...