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QotD: SAT or ACT?

Question: Did you take the SAT or the ACT? Why?

My Answer: I took both. Most schools east of the Mississippi River seem to like the SAT, but the school I ended up going to liked the ACT, and I'd heard they scored better for math/science people anyway.

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7 Responses to "QotD: SAT or ACT?"

  1. I only took the SAT, because I only looked at a few schools in NC, and they all only cared about the SAT.

  2. Took 'em both, just for the hell of it. Did better on the SAT, though.

  3. I also took both and scored better on the ACT. But both scores were submitted on college applications and I got in where I wanted.

  4. I took both and did much better on the ACT. As a matter of fact, I got a scholarship in college based on my ACT score. I remember I did really well on the Social Studies portion and that brought my overall score up.

  5. I took both of them and don't think that either are an indication of much. I think my ACT score (31) was better than my SAT score, but I really don't remember that well.

  6. SAT. Just about every school (including all of them that I looked at) accepted SAT scores, and only a few accepted ACT scores. Plus I had to take a bunch of SAT II tests because some of the schools (the University of California campuses, for example) required them.

  7. I took both.

    At the time, the reasoning given to me, whether it reflected reality or not, was that ACT was what the state universities preferred, and SAT was what the private universities preferred. Actually, better schools did like, and certainly accepted, both.