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Cleaning Email and Address Book

I am supposed to be cleaning right now. Instead, I'm cleaning my email. I'm re-organizing some folders, closing out some things, and getting rid of the mess. The next target: my address book.

Then, tonight, I must get some writing done, despite the fact that Carey's here for the next few days. Oh boy.

I'm pretty "delete happy" with my email, but even still, I'm surprised how much stuff I've kept. I've easily deleted a few thousand emails, I've backed up several hundred more, and I'm probably half done.

Some of my address book contacts are five years old and date back to some of the earliest versions of Mac OS X. It's time for a change. Why not? Everything else in my life is in upheaval right now! 🙂

I sent a BCC to everyone with my new phone number and snail mail address. If you missed it, well, you weren't in my address book.