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iTunes 4.7.1 Notification Change

In iTunes 4.6, you could request the currently playing song with an AppleScript on loop. Every ten seconds or so, you could say "hey, what's the current tune?" This is how Recent Tunes worked, in fact.

When iTunes 4.7 (I think it was 4.7.1 specifically) came out, it pushed out notifications on its own. You no longer had to ask iTunes every x seconds what the current song was. iChat in Tiger takes advantage of this, I believe.

The trouble is this: I can't find information about this change anywhere. Has anyone seen a web page detailing this change? How can an application get notifications and "tap in" to the current song?

I'd like to add "current tune" functionality to Adium and perhaps some other freeware products, and Recent Tunes is overdue for this update.

4 Responses to "iTunes 4.7.1 Notification Change"

  1. Duh. Never mind.

  2. Hey, try: (%_status) %_artist- "%_track" in Adium. seems like itunes is already somewhat integrated, just so you know… I'm not sure how else you planned on implementing it. 🙂

  3. I plan to update it in a way that works. Your way works once, and then forever has the same song information even after you switch tracks.

  4. Erik, Adium sends out an applescript refresh in status every 30 seconds, so your status does change when a song changes, just not right away.