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Fairhaven, Mass

On Wednesday afternoon I'm flying to Providence, RI and then driving a few miles to Fairhaven, Massachusetts. I'll stay the night, meet with some people in the morning, and fly back later that evening.

Friday morning I have another meeting back here in Erie. I'm limiting the details to just this, and any guesses as to the reasons will be ignored (and/or deleted, which I guess is just the opposite of ignoring them, but anyway…).

In other words, if I'm not around from about noon on Wednesday through about noon on Friday, you know why.

3 Responses to "Fairhaven, Mass"

  1. Have fun in our fair Commonwealth. Or don't. Depends on what you're doing. 🙂

  2. When I needs to travel to the Commonwealth to whack somebody, I tends not to blog it.

    But hey, dat's just me...

  3. Barzeski's coming to Providence? No way, that's awesome! Too bad I'll be in school . . . 🙁