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IE 7 has Tabs

IE 7 may be getting tabs, but in the words of one person:

Stop gloating about how you've caught up with five years ago and begin addressing the bigger issues, i.e.: CSS and XHTML.

Heh heh heh. Does anyone care about IE anymore? Seriously?

6 Responses to "IE 7 has Tabs"

  1. I still have to deal with it when it comes to the internal web app I maintain at work. Just last week we added this new feature that works great, of course except in IE/Windows where it fumbles with the CSS menus making it look like crap.

  2. Even worse, my company *only* allows IE (Interests of Evil). I'm developing a web-based application, and I can't even install firefox. Much of the code, not surprisingly, now relies on IE-only functionality, but I'd gladly trade the little bit that IE gives me for the ability to use Firefox.

  3. Well, as long as IE continues to be the most widespread browser in use, us web developers sadly HAVE to care about IE. On some sites, one may allow oneself to develop cool stuff that will add to the site for non-IE users, as long as it does not make the site unusable for IE users, but I'd prefer not having to use so much extra energy on IE quirks..

    Seeing as IE has such a huge marketshare, and Microsoft is able to push the newest version to users through Windows Update etc., I do care about IE7 getting a better grip on web standards.

    Tabbed browsing in IE7 though, is something I won't care much about...

  4. if this were a QOTD, my answer would be "no."

  5. Here's a website Microsoft set up to submit your short film showing how evil idea stealing is:

  6. I think that anyone who deals with any sort of web technology in their workplace does, ie: deploying web based apps. Much as I'd love to ignore IE, too many people still use it (and unless the way trends are going, will use it for many more years).