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QotD: Survivor

Question: Do you still watch Survivor?

My Answer: Yeah, though I've gotta say I'm not sure if I'll watch in the Fall. I probably will, but after 10 seasons, there's simply nothing new. I'm not rooting for or against anyone, I've seen all the lies and deception, and the challenges are the same things over and over again. I like shows like The Apprentice more because at least there's some skill involved, and people are voted out/fired based at least somewhat on their performance, not merely their personality, "plan," or dumb luck.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Survivor"

  1. I'm actually still watching, too. It used to be a lot more interesting when a bunch of our friends got together to watch it, with tiki torches and snacks and everything... now I'm not quite as into it. Though I did find it really cool that the person who won this season did so mostly by extreme dominance in challenges, rather than the people who sort of snuck their way in as they have in previous seasons.

    I'm much more into shows like Amazing Race and The Apprentice.

  2. I've never watched Survivor. I've seen an episode or two, but that's it. The weird "tribal council" thing never did anything for me. Instead, I greatly prefer "The Amazing Race" to all of the other reality/game shows.

  3. I watched one episode of Survivor, once, and vowed to never watch it again. Talk about borrring.

    Hell, I don't really watch much TV anymore. All I watch is 24 and South Park.

  4. I watched the first Survivor, back when it was just known as "Survivor." I followed it religiously. Then Hatch won, and I stopped watching after that. That is, until Survivor: Panama, which got me back on the Survivor kick, and Panama is still my favourite. I've watched all 3 Apprentice, and it has steadily declined in quality since it began. If there's a fourth, I'm not likely going to watch it.

    Big Brother is another I followed. Watched the bore-fest known as Big Brother 1. Season 2 was probably it's peak. Didn't watch 3, and 4 was a joke. Have there been more?

    I never watched Amazing Race until the 4th won when a coworker got me on it. Currently, it's my favourite series. Seems to me to be the most real. It has some of the best lines, too. Ramber almost killed it for me, but luckily they didn't win.

    I want to go back and watch all the Survivors and Amazing Races I've missed.

  5. I certainly don't think I'd watch it if I didn't have TiVo to record it for me, but it's kind of a guilty pleasure. I love trying to think through the game theory of it all, seeing if the contestants play the same tricks or ply the same methods I would use to triumph.

    Also, Jeff Harrell, the blogger behind The Shape of Days writes a recap of each episode. The guy's got some chops. His take on the show is always at minimum amusing and often gut-bustingly funny. If I knew the first thing about html I'd provide a proper, nice looking link, but I'm not html-literate, so its