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Trip to Fairhaven, MA

I arrived in Providence, RI a bit late, but was quickly on my way in the rental car. It's got New York plates, and unlike when I went to North Carolina, they handed me the keys and said "cya tomorrow." And off I went. No 413-point inspection, just the keys.

Traffic wasn't so spiffy, but I made it the 40 miles from Providence, RI to Fairhaven, MA in about an hour. The traffic going the other way was significantly worse. I'll remember that tomorrow.

Fairhaven is from what little I've seen a pretty small town. In fact, it may only be known for one thing: as the world headquarters for Acushnet, child company of Fortune Brands and parent company to Cobra Golf, FootJoy, and, most famously, Titleist.

It's this company I'm here to visit, and I'll be meeting with the VP of Communications and Advertising tomorrow at 9am. After lunch, I'll tour the ball factory to see how the #1 ball in golf is made.

I hope they have a gift shop, but from what I saw tonight, I'd say it's unlikely. The building is surprisingly small (I believe the ball plant is way in the back). I guess I had some false expectations. Apple's campus is pretty new, after all, and Titleist has existed for several decades.


I had dinner (wings and a Cheese Lover's personal pan pizza) at Pizza Hut. By far, the best meal I've ever had at Pizza Hut. Good service, too. I tipped well.

So, wake-up call is set for 7:30. Meeting is at 9. About twelve hours later, I'll be home.