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QotD: Interview

Question: What's the longest interview process through which you've gone?

My Answer: Two interviews, each about 30-45 minutes in length. I'm staring at one now that may include six interviews (one of which is a full 8-hour work day "trial").

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3 Responses to "QotD: Interview"

  1. Day 1: 10AM-4PM, about six guys, thought I did well

    Day 2: 12PM-7PM, test & review, wasn't sure how well I did

    Day 3: Met one last interviewer asking about reporting (which I don't know much about) and who wasn't impressed, met VP and tanked

    Some Guy Who Can't Say Since He Still Works For His Old Company

  2. a full day trial?!? This may a few too many years in Academic IT jobs, but the opportunity would have to be one heck of one for me to take a job if they couldn't get a feel for my skills in the previous 5 interviews + references + my body of work.


  3. 5 interviews, spread out over the span of a week. This was for an INTERNAL promotion, but I had to do the same interview process that the external candidates went through. I did get the job, so it was worth it.