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QotD: World Trade Towers

Question: Do you support the single "Freedom Tower" or Trump's "rebuild 'em better, stronger, and a foot taller" approach to building on the grounds of the World Trace Center towers?

My Answer: I'm putting in with The Donald. Just make sure the elevator shafts can't be used to completely topple the entire towers. Maybe even build in a missile defense system. If it occasionally takes down a wayward news helicopter, so be it. 😛

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8 Responses to "QotD: World Trade Towers"

  1. Having been a New Yorker (or rather a Jerseyian who spent far too much time in the City), I also vote for the Trump idea. I like the idea that we build the same thing, taller, higher, and more proud. Basically a message to the world that, "You can take it down, but we'll put it right back up".

    Many of the immediate families of those who lost their lives (I know a lot of people, some who are related to me, but none who are immediate family) also support this idea, and simply ask for a small garden (near the level where the plane hit) or something in both the buildings as a memorial to the event, and those who lost their lives that day.

  2. I'm not a New Yorker or an American and ultimately the decision should be by the people who live there.

    That said I think Trump's idea is unimpressive. All around the world towers are going up that are architecturally advanced and impressive. I don't know if the proposed 'Freedom Tower' meets that bill or not but Trump's larger duplicates of the originals certainly do not. You can do better than tall grey rectangles.

  3. I think both of them are bad ideas. Frankly, trying to build taller and taller buildings is stupid. I understand the need to maximize usable space in an area but I still think that tall buildings just kind of invite disaster.

    I would love to see Ground Zero replaced by an unimposing yet moving tribute, something like the Vietnam War Memorial in DC.

  4. Ugh. Sorry Max, I think that while the tribute is fine, it's not the right thing to do. As important an event as it is, I don't think it should be what New Yorkers focus on. We should be focusing on the present, and future. Our strengths are what should guide us, and not our weaknesses. I'm not going to articulate myself well here. It's really an emotional thing. No big memorial. Something small to remember what happened, and then move on.

    Actually Paul, since 2001, there have been studies on how architecturally (maybe civil engineering is the field, but how do you make that an adjective?) advanced the towers were. Most buildings built today would not have remained standing for the 45 minutes that the towers did giving many people a chance to get out. Architecturally those towers built pretty well. I guess design is an issue, but in my mind the towers are a monument of NYC. Something that was ultimately disliked by New Yorkers when it was built (by a Japanese architect mind you), but became an integral part of the NYC skyline.

  5. Could we please stop talking about Missile batteries and AAA like they're a magic spell. They shoot planes down. They don't make them disappear. If the plane is coming in over midtown, you have a big flaming fuel tank slamming into the ground.

    This is a BAD IDEA.

    Again, most missiles work, on planes of that size, by damaging them so they crash into the ground. They DO NOT DISINTEGRATE THEM.

    thank you for your support.

  6. Vinay: You are speaking of the engineering of the building and not the architecture. They are not the same thing. My hope would be that they could build something with a more pleasing design and just as well engineered.

  7. John, buddy, take a joke! If anyone has seriously suggested missile defense on the World Trade Towers, well, I suggest you rant at them.

  8. I'm with the Donald. Taller, stronger and better. I think it just sends out the right message...

    Fond regards from Spain!