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AdSense Back Again (Until I Get Sick of It)

I'm once again trying AdSense. Not so much for the people that visit regularly - I've tried to tuck them in such a place that you can easily skip them when moving down to the comments section - but more for the people that come here via search terms and aren't quite sure where to go. If it makes $5/month, that's $5/month I wouldn't have otherwise.

But hey, if you feel like clicking an ad now and then, I'd appreciate it.

3 Responses to "AdSense Back Again (Until I Get Sick of It)"

  1. $5 a month is about right, in my experience. It would be nice if it covered the cost of hosting...

  2. I make at least $30-45/month from AdSense on several sites including macmegasite & worldbeatplanet. it's enough to pay for my hosting, although I haven't had to pay for hosting for several months thanks to DreamHost's referral program. MacResQ's affiliate program also pays nicely. On the other hand I make almost nothing from Amazon despite using targeted links and featuring it very prominently.

  3. Non-intrusive, and the color scheme fits in nicely. I don't mind it there.