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Mail’s Ugly Icons

I set my parents up last night with Mail on their new Mac. Previously, they'd been using a shared Entourage database between users. It worked well, except that sometimes my dad would delete or mark mail as read when there was no reason to do so, and my mom wouldn't see it. Years ago I set them up with their own domains, so now I imported the few emails they'd saved and they each have their own Mail account now.

It's hard to appreciate how truly ugly those new Mail toolbar buttons are until you see them in person. UGH!

5 Responses to "Mail’s Ugly Icons"

  1. Yes, Tiger's are truly ugly, and there are other reasons to not like the new Mail 2.0. Fortunately there is a way to fix the icons, though there aren't fixes for some of the other issues. Cage Fighter's icons aren't as good as the ones that were in Panther's Mail, but they're a lot better than the default ones in Tiger's Mail.

  2. I just bought Tiger yesterday and it seems like I am one of the few that actually likes the way the new Mail icons look.

  3. d0le: you are not alone. I don't dislike them either.

  4. Erik, you might like Mailstamps.

  5. Yes Erik, you'd probably like my app Mail Stamps. It reverts the toolbar to the old Panther look. Give it a shoot.

    P.S. Nice redesign. Its been awhile since I've visited here.