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Extra Tickets for Golf Events

I have some extra tickets for the Senior PGA tournament in Ligonier, PA (this coming week, Monday to Sunday, May 23-29) as well as some extra tickets to next week's Memorial in Columbus, OH. Hale Irwin and Ernie Els are the defending champions, and both will surely be grand events.

If you're interested in going to either of these tournaments, please read on…

For the Senior PGA, I have:

  • Several extra tickets for practice rounds (good any day, Monday-Friday).
  • Two tickets to Friday's round.

For The Memorial, I have:

  • One extra ticket for every practice round.
  • One extra ticket for every tournament round except Friday.

If you live near Ligonier, PA or Columbus, OH, want to attend some of these events, and aren't a perfect stranger, inquire about the availability of these tickets by emailing me (see the sidebar).

Please note: the Senior PGA uses per-day tickets, so I can transfer possession of those without losing more than a ticket for that day. The Memorial uses a week-long badge, so it's unlikely I'm going to hand over a badge to someone who doesn't plan to spend the day with me, as I'll need the badge back at the end.

Availability will change, as both my hosts in Ligonier (my sister in Latrobe) and Columbus (my friend Seth) are aware that I have extra tickets and are looking for friends to take them.

One Response to "Extra Tickets for Golf Events"

  1. Wow I wish......Do you have plane tickets by any chance? 🙂