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QotD: Gaming

Question: Do you play console (PS2, XBox, GameCube, etc.) games anymore? How frequently?

My Answer: Not really. About two hours in the past three months. I've had other things on my mind, I admit, but still…

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5 Responses to "QotD: Gaming"

  1. I go through phases when I play a lot of games and phases when I don't. At the moment I'm playing Final Fantasy X-2 (after beating FFX last week .. following a few months of not playing it at all)

    As for how much I play .. well, at the moment it's around 12 hours per week. (one nice thing about most console RPGs: the elapsed play time is usually shown when saving/loading, so it's easy to keep track of how much time you're wasting) At other times (such as when I was in college) I played for as much as 30 hours per week. On the other hand it's not unusual for me to go two or three weeks w/o playing any games at all.

  2. I probably play 10-12 hours a week on my XBox. More if the girlfriend has something else to do.

  3. Last winter, my brother and I finally found a copy of FFVII, which we played together for a few weeks. Not including that, I would say I only play a few hours a month.

  4. I don't play much any more. I remarried 2 years ago and have 3 step-sons now. I always played my consoles when no one was around, it was my way of escape for relaxation. Digging deep into a Japanese RPG or some adventure game for a few hours was nice. Not so easy to do with 3 kids around. No matter what they're doing or how occupied they are elsewhere it's like they know I've turned on a console to play and they all come running. If I'm playing with them I'd rather it be something else, outside or I dunno, anything that doesn't involve sitting around the TV. They play enough as it is without me, it's a constant battle to get them away from it. I'd probably play more if they'd let me, but eh, that's not going to happen because for them video gaming is a group thing not for solo fun so they don't get it. When I've tried getting the oldest into some of the games I like he gets bored without other players. =)

  5. Yes, I just played my Gamecube tonight. I don't play all that frequently though... maybe six or seven times since the new year. I mainly play my GameBoy SP, which I keep in the car for use when waiting in lines, waiting for work to start, waiting on my wife to get ready, waiting for my brother's wedding to start, etc. It's nice, small, and onyx so it doesn't draw much attention to itself. Currently playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones