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QotD: Tattoo

Question: Do you have a tattoo? If not, do you think you'll ever get one?

My Answer: No and no. I don't find them particularly attractive on women, either. In southern Florida, just about every woman under the age of 30 has a tattoo just above her ass. So much for being unique…

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17 Responses to "QotD: Tattoo"

  1. I do have a tattoo. It's on my right shoulder.

  2. 1. no

    2. unlikely

  3. 1. Shoulders, arms, legs

    2. Yeah, I need to balance things out.

    The small-of-the-back tat you're referring to is round these (and other) parts called a "tramp stamp".

  4. Yes, on the right side of my back. I'll most likely be getting another one on the left side, when I figure out what I want it to be.

  5. I suppose I'm a product of my father's paranoid talks when I was younger. He used to tell me that tattoos are permanent identifiers, this in turn means it's easier to identify you. Should you ever need to escape this is a handy cap. Mind you he's a child of the cold war, but I think he has a point. Doubly, I'm inclined to think that I cannot conjure up something at this point in my life to be worthy of permanently marking on my body.

    I doubt I will ever tattoo myself. Frankly I don't think they're that attractive. They're more often than not in poor taste or are flat out lame (Think barb wire tattoos).

    As for girls with tattoos above their buttocks: Congratulations on your conformity lesson of the day. I'll be sure to call you all when I invent the next fad that will pillage your coffers. In the words of Stewie of Family Guy, "My my. It's a good thing I'm not after your gulley holes!"

  6. Those tattoos above the ass can be called tramp stamps.

  7. 1. Yes. I have one on my forearm, stomach, and leg

    2. I thought about getting another one but I'm not sure if I really want to or where I would get one.

  8. As far as tattoo's and permanence goes, yes, they're permanent. I was never one to really want a tattoo to begin with. Like James, I was raised my conservative parents (it seems to me from his post). However, at one point, not long after I came to college, I drew something on a camping trip that really struck a chord with me. And I felt the need (want) to put it on my body. Knowing it's permanence though, I put it aside for a year, and promised myself that I'd wait a full year, and if I still wanted it in that year, I'd allow myself to get it. I put the picture up on my wall (to make sure that if I saw it everyday, I wouldn't get sick of it), and a little over a year later, it was permanently on my back.

    I haven't regretted it once in the last 5 years. That's not to say, I might in the future, but I haven't yet. The only downside I've seen so far to me, is that I cannot get MRI's. This is because of the possibility that some of the inks use minute amounts of iron flakes. Under the heavy magnetic fields of an MRI machine, these flakes could theoretically superheat and char my skin. So, I have to avoid MRI's. That's not too big of a deal. I just have to get a Full Body CT Scan instead (they're not the same thing, but they are two solutions with similar end results for my purposes)

  9. Do I have one? No ... Would I get one? I doubt it. Nothing has struck me as important enough to stamp on my skin. Though I see value for some in marking a major moment or group (armed forces unit, stanley cup win, etc). Others see it strictly as art ... that is cool too, just not for me.

  10. 1) No. Despite being in the Navy six years, I had/have a healthy fear of needles...and since tatoos require/d needles, not gonna happen.

    2) No. I work for a Japanese company. Tatoos are a sign of affliation with criminal activity (the Yakuza), who got tatoos because when they are arrested by the police, they are tatooed. That, and the fear of needles make a big old no.

  11. A couple friends of mine that have gotten tattoos on the small of their backs did it because that's the least likely spot to have problems with stretch marks. The small of your back stays pretty much the same size no matter how much you grow or shrink, at least according to their theory.

  12. Yes, I have one. One the left side of my lower back, below the pant line. No one sees it except whoever I decide to show it to. I don't see the point in marking yourself with pointless things, things that mean nothing, like tribal bands and the such. I have Mickey Mouse. Something I've been obsessed with since about sixth grade. So it suits me

    I was also raised in a strict, conservative family. I thought my mom was going to cry when I first told her I got a tattoo, until I showed it to her. Then my parents smiled, and said it was me. I did it for me, and that's what tattoos should be for.

    I also have a healthy fear of needles. I'm talking MAJOR fear. But to me a tattoo wasn't really a needle. it just felt more like really hard scratching. As long as I didn't think about it actually being a needle, I was okay.

    As for it being called a "tramp stamp", I find that kind of offensive. I think the reason for getting it and where you put it should be figured into that phrase. I got it on my back because I didn't want everyone to see it.

    Would I ever think about getting another one? Possibly. The Eiffel Tower. Another of my obsessions for about six years. Where? Haven't decided yet....

  13. I'm thinking about getting the Apple logo either on my shoulder or right on the bottom of my neck. I heard that it hurts like hell if you get it on your spine, though.

  14. Do I have one? Yes.

    Do I want more? Yes.

  15. Personlly I love to see girls with tattoos on the lower back right above the ass crack. I think it looks extremely sexy when they are wearing skin tight jeans and the top of the thong shows. It is a real turn-on for me. I like it also when the girl is smoking a long 120 cigarette like a virginia slim or a misty. then blow the smoke right in my face and wiggles her ass showing the tattoo. It shows real attitude.

  16. No it's something i don't even think about. Natural is the best look because it's just..natural. the body is art. Tattoos are soooo not sexy

  17. Well I have two tatts. I have the Eiffel Tower on the small of my back. I noticed someone on here would like to have that as well! Thats insane since I have never met anyone who would tattoo the ET on their body besides me! I got that about 8yrs ago and I love it! I get many comments on it being original and why did I get it. I also have the playboy bunny n my right outer ankle. That isnt so original. I have always had a thing for the playboy bunny and I got that 5yrs ago. I want two more but I am a chicken! I rememeber the pain and I want one on the inside of my wrist and on the back of my neck. I know that will hurt. We will see...Now as for the term "tramp stamp" that is kind of rude. I chose the lower back because it was the best spot for the tattoo I got there. I dont like tats on arms or legs(above the ankle) on women. I think it looks tacky.