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QotD: Gummi Bears

Question: How do you eat Gummi Bears?

My Answer: I eat the colors I don't like first (yellow, white) then move into the indifferent ones (green), then finish with orange and finally red. Sometimes I bite the heads off. Sometimes I bite the heads off and stick them on the bodies of other colors.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Gummi Bears"

  1. Whoah man I never even thought of changing heads on gummi bears... I'll have to try that next time I buy them... I think I just eat them normally.

  2. I don't. Can't stand the things.

  3. I could say I drop the red ones because of the bad red color stuff that sends cancer. But then again, i dont 😛 Theres many things that bring us cancer, mostly the secret agencies, so I thought eating Haribo's wont hurt anymore, would it *lol*

    I start off eating some and then based on the flavor etc, pick subsequent colors, sometimes mixing .. mmh should get some once in a while, long time no see 😉

    Did you ever put one in a glas of water ofer night ? Its an old one but i still like it

  4. Yummm! I want some Gummi Bears right now.

  5. I eat them like you do, but I like white and dislike green instead.

    I also like sqitching bodies on the gummiworms. That is fun.

    Oh! and dividing them up into homogenous color piles and eating them by the handful so they fill my mouth. Yum!