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QotD: Bike

Question: Do you own a bike? What kind?

My Answer: I do. It's a black and yellow GT… something. It was the last one off the production line and a very popular model. OK, I'm going to the car to look… It's a GT Rebound. Bought it in 2000 or so, IIRC. Paid at least $400, though I think that was with an employee discount (Ron).

This question may seem strange or dumb or whatever, but it's simply being used to mark a date in my life. Today we're going to get Carey a bike - hers is horrible - and take our first bike ride as a married couple. I'll write more about the weekend we've had later, but for now, to get back to updating my blog, this will suffice.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Bike"

  1. My current bike is a Giant Sedona

    I use it to commute (20km/day 3-4 days a week), so I've added full coverage fenders and use Continental Town and Country tires in the Summer and Schwalbe Snow Studs in the Winter.

  2. Yep, two. A Trek 5200 road bike, and a Scott USA dual-suspension mountain bike.

  3. Cannondale F500.

  4. A giant DS/2... pic here: me with my bike

    We bought 2 of 'em. One for me, one for the wife. We changed the seat on hers (wider, more padding). She loves the adjustable shock. Also changed the handlebar stem (shorter) for her.

    We ended up buying bike riding shorts (yea, the goofy looking kind with the padding)... expensive but *well* worth it.