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QotD: Memorial

Question: How do you celebrate Memorial Day?

My Answer: I typically don't. This year I'll be celebrating with Carey's family, though. It'll be kinda nifty to do the traditional picnic thing. The weather is certainly nice enough for it.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Memorial"

  1. As per the last half-dozen years, I'm spending it at the Annual Memorial Day Detroit Techno festival, never called the same thing twice.

  2. When traditional falls on celebrated, by blowing out lots of metaphorical candles.

    And in years like this year, by privately lamenting how shamefully our government treats those who have sacrificed so much for their country...

  3. Actually, I was corrected by my American girlfriend, that one should not "celebrate" Memorial Day, as it should be a solemn day.

    That said, I think my misstep is not unreasonable as the day seems to have been trivialized and has become a great oppotunity for Memorial Day Sales, etc. I guess that's the problem when you create a long weekend durting a time of year with great weather (hard not to be solemn on November 11th in Canada; the weather is generally awful!).

  4. I'm not American, so I usually find out that it's Memorial Day because my RSS unread feeds dries up around 12 o'clock. Haha... almost all content comes from the USA.