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QotD: Movie Theaters

Question: What do you think is the single biggest problem with the movie theaters?

My Answer: My thoughts mirror those of Mark Cuban (he writes here). I think that the theater and movie experience needs to adapt, and it has not yet. I wait for movies to go to the dollar theater because the experience is nearly as good. I'm not offered any discount if I buy the DVD after seeing the movie in a "regular price" theater. Staying home and watching an old DVD, waiting for the movie to cost a buck is my modus operandi until things change. Only on rare occasions have I ventured to the $9 theater.

The customers have a list of demands, and they're not all as simple as "cheaper popcorn." Will the theaters listen? Can they do anything about it?

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5 Responses to "QotD: Movie Theaters"

  1. I love going to the theater with friends, getting my coke and popcorn. However nothing makes me not want to go more than the inconsiderate people you have to deal with these days. I don't even think I can count the number of times that I haven't seen someone pull out their phone and hold it up high to check something on their phone in the middle of a movie. I am usually the type to just keep my mouth shut, but no more, if I am close to someone who pulls out their phone during the movie I will throw popcorn at them (those rare times they are close and there is little risk of hitting innocent bystanders) or verbally letting them know that I don't appreciate it (again only if I can do so without making it too big a scene).

    "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

  2. I don't think you will see DVD day of release happen; Hollywood wants to capitalize on multiple income streams; not let them cannibalize each other. You might argue that they are cannibalizing each other anyway, because you are delaying your buying decision, but, you are still making the decision to buy, whether for price or location.

    What you MIGHT see, is something that is beginning to happen with VideoGames, rather than limiting a product (movie, game) to a region due to marketing concerns, they may decide to, at least, release to both markets at once, both regions, here and overseas, to keep imports and bootlegs from occurring during the wait. There is a point where release timing is HURTING their bottom line, and they are finding where that is. For example, not every movie opens on the big Holiday weekend anymore, they time their product NOT to over compete, because they want those bit opening receipts, entering the market at number one rather than 3rd or 4th.

    But I don't think DVD release at time of Theatrical release is going to happen, as it is, you see the time frame shrinking, depending on what the theatres can sustain, so that PPV then DVD get their shake at milking the cow, for whatever short period. They still want to milk it though. And Hollywood knows that those buying the DVD are often the same people who DID see the movie in the theatre. Multiple sales of the same item to the same customer is Nirvana to Hollywood; less production cost to open their wallet.

    If you don't want to bother going to a theatre with 20 dollar snacks and rude thoughtless people, at a time not of your own choosing, the answer is simple. Wait.

  3. I think the price to go to the theater is getting a little out of hand. $9 or so dollarrs to see a movie is not worth it to me. Add in the cost of taking my son and the various things he will want like playing video games and some snacks, the price will rise quickly. The last movie I actually went to the theater for and paid to see was was Signs which came out in 2002.

  4. My complaint is the 30 minutes of previews and them being too intense. The recent Star Wars movie had previews with loud music, action, and excessively chopped up camera shots. I was exhausted by the time the movie started, and the start of Star Wars was sort of a let-down from the excitement of the previous 1/2 hour. To get a good seat you have to show up on time, and sit through all that crap. I feel like the theater is robbing money from me for doing that.

  5. Going to the Movies

    It’s hard to list just one thing I don’t like about movie theaters.