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QotD: Mexican

Question: Do you eat Mexican food? If so, what's your favorite?

My Answer: I only really eat tacos. And even then, just with cheese and meat. I don't care if it's spicy - sometimes that's good - and rice isn't bad, and beans are sometimes okay, but lettuce, tomatoes, etc. are no good. Booo! 🙂

Seth and I went to Chipotles here, and unlike Taco Bell or the "do it yourself at home" kind of tacos, I had stringy beef (kinda like pulled pork, but it was beef) with some spicy cheese. It had some hot sauce already mixed in. Mmmm. It was good.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Mexican"

  1. How can I not like Mexican food? I was raised in southern California, after all. It was my favorite type of food until I discovered Indian food while in college. 🙂

    Of course, by "Mexican food" I don't mean Taco Bell crap. That stuff barely resembles Mexican food.

    Chipotle is a pretty decent burrito place. I also like Baja Fresh. The Los Golondrinas chain in southern Orange County is even better.

    A real Mexican restaurant is better, though. My favorite is Olamendi's in Capistrano Beach. (And to tie things in with this week's major news.. Olamendi's was one of Richard Nixon's favorite places to eat when he lived in San Clemente. I guess he had good taste in Mexican food.)

  2. I lived at Chipotle during college (on Friday nights, there'd often be a 40 minute line at Chipotle!), and I think it's a lot better than Baja Fresh or La Salsa. It's cheaper and the burritos are better, although there is less overall selection. My usual burrito is: black beans, no rice, chicken, some hot sauce, some green sauce, and cheese. Sometimes peppers. It's good.

  3. I love El Canelo which has a few locations in Erie. (Erik you should give it a try) We have one across the street from a Taco Bell I always used to go to until we found that El Canelo uses fresh/real ingredients and you can usually eat there for just a buck or two more.

  4. I'm alright with Mexican food. I'll eat it when someone else has to have it. There's a place in town that my wife really likes, it's nothing grand though. Back in Birmingham I found an authentic Mexican place that was absolutely amazing. Around here (Alabama), with so many Hispanics around now I'd expect more places to be around, or the places that are around to be more obvious, but I'm not aware of anything too special in Huntsville.

    There's a franchise place in Birmingham, something with a "Hawaiian" name that does big burritos. Not exactly Mexican, obviously, but I love their burritos.

  5. I have to say that El Canelo is one of the most disgusting places I've ever eaten. The food has very little taste, and most things seem to be made of the same beef glop. Granted Erie is not known for great food, but I'd say you're better off going to Wegmans and getting stuff to make your own Mexican thatn eating at El Canelo.

  6. I like almost all Mexican-styled food. I love TacoBell, even though that isn't "real Mexican food" just like McDonald's isn't "real American food."

    My favorite is the food my mom makes (she was raised in Uvalde, Texas which is five to ten miles from the Rio Grande) or this local restaurant where I grew up, called Iguana Mia. It makes Sonoran style Mexican food. It's really good and really popular in my area. Try it if you ever visit.