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Baby Monitor – Wireless Webcam?

The new house is good (more on this in the coming days and weeks, I'm sure). I am wondering, though, if there are any simple, small wireless webcams that perhaps have a microphone. I'm looking to use it for a baby monitor of sorts so that we can hear one bedroom from every part of the house. However, every part of the house is saturated with wireless Internet coverage.

Has anyone done this? If so, how'd it work out? What recommendations do you have?

12 Responses to "Baby Monitor – Wireless Webcam?"

  1. I don't have a baby to monitor (yet), but I think that if I did, I would tend to go for a traditional wireless audio baby monitor than a wireless cam solution. It's true that any technological solution to monitoring your baby is going to have the potential for software or hardware failure, but it seems to me that a simple, traditional radio transmitting audio unit would have a much lower chance of failure than a webcam with some sort of wifi built in.

    That being said, the cheapest wireless webcam that NewEgg offers is this one $88.99 after rebate. A bit pricey just to use as a baby monitor, IMHO.

  2. I suggest just using a regular baby monitor system. You usually get three receivers and two monitors with the higher-end models. The three receivers are all on different channels and you can just hide them (if you don't want them seen for some reason) in the three main rooms she would be alone in and then switch your monitor to whatever channel corresponds to that receiver as you need. Webcam seem over-the-top and uneccessary, in my opinion, since audio works just as well with a child her age.

  3. I see these occasionally come up on BensBargain's for around $50. I've no idea about the quality. It's a wireless (1.2 GHz) camera w/ audio.

  4. The less expensive video stuff will be already made for the baby monitor market. You can get wireless webcams, with wifi and their own IP addresses, but they will cost you considerably more than any baby monitor or home security video surveillance system even.

    And I second the audio only solution.... You will not have time to watch, but you WILL hear, if there is genuine trouble that needs your attention, with a healthy toddler.

  5. I found this while doing a search for something similar. I have a hen coop in my back property about 300 ft. from the house. I'd like to use a baby monitor type of thing just to keep an ear on things, but there's no electricity out there. I was wondering if anyone knows of a battery-operated transmitter (audio only) that can work with my in-house wireless network. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. I think that none of the other responders have actually tried using an audio baby monitor with wireless internet. The interference makes it unusable. I just returned one baby monitor (basic, wireless audio), purchased a second and am now planning to return that one after testing it with no success. Apparently, between the wireless internet and phones that both we and our neighbors are using, there aren't enough channels.

    The other option I am considering is plugging back in our computers and phones for the next year! At some point, we managed without wireless...

  7. Go with the audio only Baby Monitor setup instead of the webcam.

    And then get a DECT based system (Philips has one for $163.) They may be more expensive than some, but because they are DECT, there is no interference. I had all sorts of trouble with 47mhz, 900mhz, 2.4ghz and 5ghz cordless phones. But with DECT, it's a non issue. And although not as important with baby monitors, DECT also offers inter-vendor compatibility between devices.

  8. i agree DECT works the best, i am told 900mhz and 5.8 cordless phones cross into 2.4mhz frequency while on a regular basis, i don't know when but must be when scanning for better channels. DECT has worked well for me but the range seems lower.

  9. Hi Erik, I've just come across your website via a google search for WiFi Video Baby Monitors. These posts are some years old and was wondering if you can update me on what you can advise today. I have a baby coming soon and would like a monitor for the following;

    To log in from work and see what junior is up to.
    For the mother in law to do the same as she live far away.
    An to log in via my iphone to view baby asleep.

    I'm not bothered about sound although this would be a bonus....

    Nice website by the way......

    Danny Pelligrin

  10. Same here! Any luck????

  11. Go to and search for a wireless network camera with a model number: BL-C131A

    It may be what you're looking for.

  12. Problem with most of the wireless baby monitors is that they wreak havoc on your wifi. If we turn on our baby monitor, the network tanks - even though this was an expensive monitor with "special" technology to prevent this from happening.