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Intel Inside?

What the heck? I'm offline for three days and Apple moves to Intel? What in tarnation is going on around here?!?

Obviously I still have some reading to do on the whole situation (and I may not get to it until next week, as I'm still moving in - so any pointers to some quick overviews would be nice), but at least my concerns are only as a user at this point.

6 Responses to "Intel Inside?"

  1. i don't think it's going to change too much from a user perspective. (well besides speed, but actual user experience, probably not)

    Looks like most apps will just require a recompile, some will need a little work, and some others, will need a lot more....

  2. Yep, hell froze over. I'd been wondering why you hadn't posted anything so far, I figured you were in a prolonged state of shock.

  3. Daring Fireball, like usual, has a decent overview, or perspective, or something.

    but that's some craziness, no?

  4. LOL... it feels like I'm traveling back in time, remembering the days of OPENSTEP 4.2 on the Dell boxen we had at the office, and Compaqs on traders desktops in NYC.

    FWIW, OPENSTEP back then absolutely smoked on Intels, and handily outperformed Windows on the same machine. We ourselves put together a graphics app called GlyphiX that was comparable to Visio, and the comparison of GlyphiX on the NeXT OS (and later, even on Windows itself thru Yellow Box) made Visio look like a gradeschool Logo programming assignment.

  5. Off topic: Hey Mark, So what ever happened to GlyphiX anyway? What are you up to these days?

    On topic: I've spent a little time thinking about all this and I think the move to Intel is a net positive thing, but at the same time I predict there will be a few minor bumps for everybody from Apple to ISVs to end users. Nothing huge, or anything. The technical stuff doesn't worry me much; supporting multiple architectures under NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP was easy as can be. Anyway, tonight or tomorrow I'll post an entry on my blog detailing my thoughts on the whole thing.

  6. Well, one thing that surely will affect users is that you'll be able to boot Windows natively on the Mac!