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10.4.1 LaserJet Printer Error

My HP LaserJet 1320 is failing to print. I print, and shortly after the job spools the print queue is stopped. When I log into CUPS (http://localhost:631/) it displays this error text:

"The process "usb" stopped unexpectedly with status 233"

I clean installed 10.4 onto another partition and it printed fine (with all of my data copied over). I printed from 10.4.1 with the latest updates on the PowerBook and it printed fine. Then I updated the second partition to 10.4.1, QuickTime 7, and installed USB Overdrive and the error returned. Removing USB Overdrive (the only major difference between the desktop and the PowerBook) didn't solve the problem.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm going to be in re-installation hell until I can figure it out. The printer was previously hooked into the AirPort base station, but that's on the other side of the room from where I'd like the printer currently, so reverting really isn't a valid option.

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  1. Booted to the PowerBook from the G5 (target disk mode) to confirm that it's not a hardware issue. Printed a page fine - so, not a hardware issue. Some software issue is preventing me from printing from my G5 with 10.4.1 and an x factor of some sort.

  2. I had a similar problem with an HP DeskJet a little while ago. I realized that the driver itself was crashing in my case. The solution was to download the latest driver from HP and install it. Then everything was happy again. If you've tried that and it didn't work, then I don't know what to suggest.

  3. I have tried that. It's failed. Thus far, with a clean installation, I'm unable to reproduce it. All of the below printed:

    10.4 Clean Installation

    + iTunes

    + DVD Player

    + Repair Permissions (1) / Restart

    + 10.4.1 Update / Restart

    + Repair Permissions (2) / QuickTime / Restart

    + USB Overdrive Installation

    Ahhh, but here's the thing... Mac OS X 10.4 has the HP drivers built in! Perhaps the HP drivers I needed in 10.3 were pulled over, and I'm only now noticing the conflict because I've been printing via my AirPort for awhile now.

    That seems like a likely issue.

  4. Hi, I'm having the exactly the same problem with 3 Macs, 2 x G4 PowerBooks and 1 x G5. I've just upgraded to 10.4 and 10.4.1 etc. After nuking the print set up with 'Printer Setup Repair (Panther)' which came up with a root permissions problem and resetting printers using the Print Utility. Then trashing all the prefs and replacing the config file, all through the 'Printer Setup Repair (Panther)' app. I finally got the G5 to work... I've been nuking one of the PowerBooks but it does not seem to want to kick in. To be honest I would not buy HP again, the LaserJet 1320 has been a pain since we bought it. I've only once been able to access the HP utility through a browser.

  5. Solved problem by reinstalling 10.4.1, using write new system and import setting option, i.e. trashing old system. Works fine now... Hope this helps

  6. Yeah, Charles, that's what I had to do too. The HP uninstaller doesn't correctly uninstall everything, or perhaps it uninstalls some required parts. After I tried to delete some frameworks and things, I couldn't even see the printer. It's working fine now, but what a pain.

  7. Like I said before I would not buy HP again... Both PowerBooks are now up and running and HP's own installer banished from the HD. Now though I have no way of telling how full or empty the toner is... Can you check this on yours? Funny though that the G5 did not need a clean reinstal of the OS! By the way, the printer is shared on a wifi network attached via USB to one of the PowerBook which is acting as a backup/itunes/print server. Thanks for you help. I was pulling my hair out... 🙂

  8. Print the configuration page. It tells you how much toner is left.

  9. i have a inkjet printer, and i want to know closer to use it can you tell me some errors occur to printer, especially inkjet printer and how to resolve?

  10. I keep getting this error, I just got the printer at Fry's so I can return it eseally. Should I get the Samsung ML-2250 insted? This error is insane and the HP site sucks for manuals and drivers. Though Samsungs isn't that great either..


  11. this is killing me... I'm trying to connect to either of two HP printers through my gf's windoze 'puter (3820 deskjet or 1100 laserjet). I'm able to use the printer set up utility to find the printers through my gf's desktop but when I go to specify the printer model it is nowhere to be found in the HP list presented in the printer setup util. So, I searched for the driver and found one for 3820 in Library>printers>HP>Utilities>Printer Model Data Files named hp deskjet 3820.plst. After choosing this file the printer utilitiy specifies the "kind" as Local System V Printer. However, after trying to print a doc I get the error, "the process deskjet stopped unexpectedly with status 8." I have no clue what is going on... i've read all the help on both machines and called applecare twice... they were useless and gave me no insight. please help... thanx

  12. [...] Thanks to this guy’s blog for the solution hint. [...]

  13. [quote comment="15746"]After choosing this file the printer utilitiy specifies the "kind" as Local System V Printer. However, after trying to print a doc I get the error, "the process deskjet stopped unexpectedly with status 8.[/quote]

    I have the same issue, but this is with a Samsung 1610. I've downloaded the drivers and get the same Local System V Printer, then "the process Samsung stopped unexpectedly with status 8."

    Any ideas??

  14. I could not connect to my HP Officejet when it was connected to my wife's Windows box. When I plugged this printer directly to my Mac's USB port it came up automatically in the available printers box, no problem. The Mac driver doesn't seem to work with the Windows network printing system.

    I went to here:

    I Installed the hpijs-foomatic drivers and the esp-gs as described.

    After rebooting. I found many-many more printer models available for selection when choosing More Printers from the Add Printer Browser. This included Samsung, Cannon and other printers. My Officejet 6200 was available and now works like a charm from my Mac while connected to the Winbox.

  15. I've tried the above with the hope of enabling my Macbook with OS X 10.4.10 to print to a Windows connected HP PSC 1315 printer via the Ethernet network.

    I did everything as explained and got the HP Driver using the HPIJS. All installed as explained, but when I tried to print a page, I get the error message 'The process "footmatic-rip" stopped unexpectedly with status 255'.

    Wonder if anyone can help me to resolve this.
    I'm wanting to print from my Macbook to the printer which is connected to a Desktop PC on the network.


  16. I am having similar problems with OS 10.4.10 G5 printing through an Onyx 6.5 RIP Queue to a Epson 7600.

    It will print fine and then become non-responsive for no apparent reason.

    One of the things that happens is that print options in Illustrator disappear inexplicably.

    This has been an ongoing problem that I have previously thought was a font or application issue, but now I believe that not to be the case.

    This is a PowerMac G5 1.6 GHz running OX 10.4.10 and this is the only problem I get from this machine:

    When a print job is sent, I get a list of options on how to print... what printer, what paper, driver, there is a little preview off to the lower left side, etc. Everything works fine if the computer has recently been started. Here is a screen grab of what a good print dialog box looks like:

    You can see here that PPD options are available:

    And here you can see that media options are presented:

    After the computer has been on for a few hours, no matter whether it has printed that session or not, no matter what app has been opened or printed from, no matter which user is logged in, when I go to print, the options are gone. I can select a printer, but not the driver, and there are no paper options or preview. Here is how this situation looks:

    no PPD:

    no media options:

    The only thing that has changed between these screen grabs is the passage of time, the amount of which is not consistent. Sometimes it is 15 minutes, sometimes it's an hour.

    I have never seen this problem before and am wondering if someone else has experienced this and can offer some insight.

    So, I don't know if this is OS 10.4.10, something in Illustrator, or a problem with the RIP server.