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Recent Tunes Upgrades

I know that Recent Tunes is a bit broken on Tiger. The problem has been isolated, and a new version should be out relatively soon. Freshly Squeezed Software has been considering turning this application into an inexpensive utility. The obvious downside is that it would no longer be freeware, but the upside is that it would become officially supported and we'd add new features to make it worth purchasing. Since even this update costs us valuable development time, we need to justify the effort we put into making updates, while at the same time we also want to make sure that every application we sell meets people's needs as well as posible. With that in mind, I'd like to know how people are using Recent Tunes.

What parts of Recent Tunes do you think could be more streamlined, to make it more useful for you? What additional things do you wish it could do? What would an enhanced Recent Tunes be worth to you?

7 Responses to "Recent Tunes Upgrades"

  1. Support for international characters would be cool (last time I tested it, it was not working).

  2. I've been looking for FSS to update this... and even at a small cost... it would be well worth it to people like myself that never turn the radio on. (what's a radio again?) If I'm not in the car, Jeep or bike with the iPod jacked in, I'm at home/work listening to to my iTunes lib. (7000+... I was a DJ) As for needs.... I'd settle for the version right now to work.. but will take integration to WordPress 1.5. Thanks, Steve

  3. I'd pay $8-10 for a license for a new version. I'd like to see a quick way to integrate with WordPress.

  4. I was just using it to upload iTunes info via http GET to my website. It's the PERFECT tool for that. If you're going to add features to it, you might re-tool it for that functionality, and maybe add the ability to upload album artwork as well.

    I'd pay $10 for it just to be updated to Tiger, more for additional functionality.

  5. It was pretty much perfect for me, as is. Like many other's I'd be happy to pay a small fee just for Tiger functionality.

  6. I have been trying to get in touch with anyone even remotely involved with this app for months. Can't SOMEONE tell me what the status is? If the problem with Recent Tunes/Tiger has been isolated, why not just fix that and release it? I thought it pretty much worked perfect as it was. I used to use this daily, and now it's just become a headache trying to contact someone. Don Yackman won't answer, Freshly Squeezed wants nothing to do with's a conspiracy, I tell you!

  7. Don't bother Ryan. The guy now in charge is a total bum (to be polite).