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QotD: Widgets

Question: How many Dashboard Widgets do you have?

My Answer: 14 standard widgets in /Library/Widgets and an additional 10 in ~/Library/Widgets (Air Traffic Control, DaisyTracker, Delicious Library [which still doesn't work], DoppleViewer, Golf Tips, Package Tracker, Self Defense Counter, Stats for AdSense, TV Tracker, Type Cast).

I don't necessarily like all of the third-party ones, but I'll wait for 10.4.2 before I get heavily into managing them.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Widgets"

  1. The Delicious Library widget didn't work for me at first, but I was able to make it work by quitting the application, deleting the contents of the folder in which it creates all it's spotlight searchable stuff (which should be located at ~/library/caches/metadata/Delicious Library Items/), then re-launching the app (which then recreates all the spotlight searchable items).

  2. That seems to have worked, Matt. Now what's your answer to the question?

  3. Let's see ... I'm using the standard yellow pages, dictionary, address book, iTunes remote, "converter" app, calculator (I actually use this a lot), and one sticky note. The only additional widget I added was Wikipedia, since I'm a wikipedia addict.

    I haven't really researched a lot of widgets, to tell you the truth. Why are you waiting for 10.4.2 to deal with managing them?

  4. I'm waiting because 10.4.2 will have better widget management features.