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Cutting Edge 2

My parents rented The Cutting Edge on VHS many, many years ago. I was sick or for some reason I was home alone, and my dad was deer hunting. I watched the movie three times in a row. Nothing else to do, right?

"Toe pick" still makes me laugh, and I own the movie on DVD. Well, turns out a friend of mine in LA is working on Cutting Edge 2! It'll star a gal named Christy Romano and "an unknown boy" in her words.

So, there you have it. I know the movie has a few fans out there (I don't really expect anyone reading this to be among them, but you never know), and so they are probably excited.

14 Responses to "Cutting Edge 2"

  1. Too bad they couldn't get Moira Kelly to do it again. I quite liked that movie.

    But then, I'm a sucker for brunettes. 😉

  2. Please tell me that you are joking about not knowing who Christy Carlson Romano is. Christy Carlson Romano, star of Kim Possible, Broadway actress, and Disney Channel favorite…and hey, she was even in Kingdom Hearts!

  3. Come out and get your whuppin, Charlie

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  4. I was just taking a walk down in Huntington Beach near Main street, and they were set up to shoot scenes for this movie. Did a search to find out more info and ended up here.

    Oh well, hey check out my Def Leppard and Aerosmith Tribute bands!

  5. I stayed at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort on June 27 through 29. They filmed "Cutting Edge 2" in the evenings on June 27 and 28. A documentary crew set up outside my room when I arrived and they interviewed Sean McNamara (Director and Executive Producer) and one of the actors.

    You may wish to check out the IMDb message board for "Cutting Edge 2" for more details.

  6. Is Moira Kelly appear in "The cuttting aEdge 2" ?

    I bought "The cuttting Edge1" DVD.

    I like her movie. I like D.B. Sweeney too.

    His TV "Strange Luck",very dood !!

  7. Yes the same actors are going to be in it. I don't know what your friend is doing, but she doesn't have the lead roles? Get her to get someone to take some pictures on the set, and post them. I think your joshing folks here. By the way, they have already begun to post information regarding the Cutting Edge 2.

  8. i love the cutting edge and the actors so much!but i feel so sorry that dbsweeney can't star in episode 2. he's so sweet!

  9. When is it coming out, and why is DB Sweeny not in it? And what is the plot?

  10. i cannot wait for the movie to come out. i have posters up in my room and i have a calander counting down the days. i am obsessed with christy carlson romano. sometimes when i go out at night people tell me that i look just like her. if anyone has any contact information for her could you please let me know.

  11. omg i am a figure skater and why the fuk dont they EVUR use a real figure skater in a figure skating movie!!??? it pisses me off why the stunt doubles arent the STAR since they are what makes the movie so great....why cant they use someone LIKE SASHA COHEN!!!im pretty sure she got great acting skills! but christy Romano? ok i understand she is great and cool but does she even know how to figure skate????????? uuuugh i'm so pissed how fake the movies are somtimes....>:( ....(and dont worry i'm not blaming u, i just needed someone to talk to about it and to see if u agree with me hehe 😛 )

  12. ok what was the hotties name that she fell in love with?? Ross something...

  13. it's too bad this movie held the same name as The cutting Edge. This wasn't even done by the same people, it was only a ripoff of the name.

    The movie cutting edge 2 was baaaaad. shallow paper thin characters, depends on loose bikini tops to hold the audience attention, and I really can't say more, turned it off after the two characters are smootching it up the first day they meet.


  14. THe Cutting Edge 2 was pretty good but not as cool as the first one! That was a hit!!!!! Waht an cator D.B. Sweeny is!!!!! WOW!! Hope to see the second one again, though!!!!!! 😆