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New Home Phone Number

Pals, friends, and family: I have a new home phone number. It begins "814-833-xxxx" and the last four numbers I won't publish here, so email or IM and I'll pass the information along.

Carey and I will prefer to speak on our home phone at any time over talking on our cell phones, of course, though anyone is free to call my cell phone after 9pm or on the weekends. We have plenty of minutes, but we talk a lot so we do watch the time(s) we spend on the phone a little bit.

3 Responses to "New Home Phone Number"

  1. I understand you don't want your number published here... but why even publish the first digits?

  2. So that my friends don't confuse it with my cell phone number, which starts with 814-873.

  3. Great! You Xed out the last four digits on both phone numbers. Now I have to call up to 10,000 different numbers in order to prank call you.

    I'd better order pizza.