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Nintendo Revolution NOT HD?

What the heck? First Nintendo fails to capitalize on the Internet and 'net-based gameplay. Now this? Nintendo: get your freakin' act together.

It seems increasingly so that the only next-gen console I'll be buying is the PS3. Stupid Nintendo.

22 Responses to "Nintendo Revolution NOT HD?"

  1. That would explain why they could get a next gen console in such a small case. Aren't there also speed limitations on vertical drives? Maybe it will be cheap.

  2. Nintendos are for kids, which is why every game they seem to release is Mario this or Pokemon that. Kids probably don't care much for HD. I would assume most hard-core gamer-types do care, and why they will go with the PS3 or Xbox360. Personally, I'll be getting the PS3, so i can have nice, pure HDMI video going into my set.

  3. Mike, Nintendo consoles are not for kids. If you're gonna come to the party, don't bring the decade-old fanboy talk.

  4. That's even stupider than when the removed the component out from the GameCube. (Luckily I have an older model, so I can play my GC games in 480p.)

    Hopefully Nintendo will get a clue (as in, take a look at the US market and how important HD support is here) before they release this thing. (And they'd better put 480p support in the next Zelda, even if current GameCubes don't support it.)

  5. I want further clarification on this statement. Cause my Gamecube has HD support / progressive scan support on most games. Even if the game doesn't the quality from composite to s-video to component is quite noticeable in quality even for games that don't take full advantage. I think that this statement might be a reflection that Nintendo isn't going to require developers to support HD (like X Box will) or they won't be trumpeting the fact to everyone. I suppose time will tell.

  6. I must have missed part of the story here. Erik, why does it look like you won't be getting the Xbox360?

  7. I stack RF cables and I like it.

  8. Because I don't believe in supporting Microsoft. They have very few games of value that aren't already on other platforms. With a GameCube (for the Nintendo-made games) and a PS2 (for everything else), I pretty much have everything I would ever want. So I miss out on Halo - big deal. MS has very few games I want to play. That's why I don't support MS.

  9. Yeah, I'm with Erik on this one .. I have a GameCube and a PS2 and I don't really feel like I'm missing anything by not having an Xbox. I don't really play Halo-type games, and I can't think of anything which is on Xbox that I would want which I can't already get (usually a few months earlier, in fact) on the PS2.

    Caleb: Gamecube doesn't do HD on any games, AFAIK. It does support progressive scan (480p) on many games (just about all of the first-party games, in fact) but that's not HD. HD would be 720p or 1080i. (Or 1080p, but my TV doesn't support that.) Several Xbox games do support HD, and GT4 on PS2 does 1080i. (Amazing, I never thought anyone would actually get a game running at 1080i on that hardware.) Also, the newer model GameCube (which has been out for about a year now) lacks the connector for the component video cable. Let me repeat that: if you go to a store and buy a GameCube today, it will not have the connector for component video.

    I can't see how they saved more than a few cents in terms of manufacturing costs, but for whatever reason Nintendo dropped support for it. (And even though I have an older GC which does support it, I had to wait a month after I got my HDTV a few months ago before I could get a component cable for it .. they were out of stock everywhere and it was backordered for 4 weeks on Nintendo's online store.) Now that I have the cable I'm happy, as Paper Mario looks really sharp now. (I haven't played any other GC games since getting the cable, except for Tales of Symphonia, which doesn't seem to have 480p support.)

    Anyway, if the Revolution lacks component output then I'll have to keep my GC around to get 480p out of my existing games. That would suck. And it would prevent anyone from doing HD on it. Hopefully Nintendo will get a clue soon and include component out (otherwise the video quality will be less than what my current GC does!) and official support for 720p and/or 1080i. (I don't expect 1080p, even if Sony's doing it, which is fine since few TVs support it anyway.)

  10. 1) Erik, do you actually have a HD TV? Or are you just mad about the theory of lower resolution.

    2) I'm pretty sure the Revolution will support composite out and 480p. What they mean is that, unlike the Xbox 360, they're not going to require support of 720p+.

    For regular TV owners, this is actually good news, since we won't have to pay for stuff we won't use, and the development costs for game will be a little lower. Of course, many regular TV owners are also planning to make the switch in the next couple years, and it will be a pain to not see the Revolution in all its glory.

    I dunno, to sum up my feeling: "Not that bad, but not that good either."

  11. Here's a link that may help turn the tide:

    June 14, 2005 - Earlier this week, Nintendo made it official: the company's next-generation console, codenamed Revolution, will not support high-definition resolutions, according to company executives.Nintendo says that games on Revolution will still look great. It cites overall high costs, both for developers and consumers, as the major factor in not supporting high-definition games.Naturally, despite Nintendo's best intentions, the omission of HD support on Revolution has thousands of videogame fans up in arms.If you happen to be one of them, now's your chance to make a difference. E-mail Nintendo's customer service department today and tell it why you are upset about the company's recent decision. Will lack of HD cause you to seriously reconsider purchasing Revolution? Tell Nintendo why.With more than a year to go before the console's release, there's still time to have an impact, but only if enough people fall in line with the cause.

    They then urge you to send email to Nintendo ( to request HD support.

  12. Carl, yes, I have an HD TV. Composite is crap. I'm going to assume you meant component. The GameCube originally supported component, but models available now don't.

    Everything I've read (good summary here) indicates that your take is wrong. They not only won't require developers to support 720p+, but they won't be allowing it. Period.

  13. So far the PS3 is the only system I'd be interested in buying right away, because I don't have a PS1 or a PS2 anymore, and I was betting that it would be backwards-compatible and have great games.

    I don't think that Nintendo's decision to not support HD will be that big of a deal. Nintendo has done reasonably well with it's GBA and GCN consoles, both of which are far inferior in graphics to the other consoles.

    As long as Nintendo is committed to keeping game play great and costs low it will continue to do well. Who doesn't like cheap? or fun? or kid-friendly? "Serious gamers" are a niche market (granted: one with a good amount of money to burn) compared to the market Nintendo can reach with a lower price point and games geared for a whole family (even families that don't have HDTV and high technology demands.)

    Anyway, I understand that you're upset, but don't be rabid about it. Nintendo might be making a terrible mistake or a really smart move, who knows until it plays out? At least they are always willing to be unique and go a different route from the other two.

  14. You're right; I misspoke on both counts.

  15. I think its a good move, at least Nintendo has itself not allowed to be caught up by the ware of the consoles (other than being hurt from it of course).

    They say games are important. While I would die from laughing if nvidia would say this, and neither SONY nor MS are the figures I'd put in here, but if Nitendo says.. and when I look back upon what they had earlier...


    But I am going to get a PS3, as I prefer an Wipeout over any Mario *fg*

  16. addon:

    If you dont care loosing some warranty (then again _not_ when you use the right tools), you open up the console and take the signals you need.

    Its the same as with (at least in europe) with the really cheap TFT displays - having only composite input. The big joke here is, a LCD Panel IS digital by default, so adding ANALOG VGA to it makes it more expensive (couple $ for the converter Asic and pcb) - BUT the feature of DIGITAL weighs more than thos dollars.

    Composite output or even HF is the most complicated. As for a DVD player, the differential signal is what the decoder comes up with ANYWAY, so fitting those 3 Cinch Plugs on the backside really doesnt need another expensive video circuitry.

    thanks god i am not afraif of soldering irons and read/draw schematics - bare necessity in a technical world where the gap between the "knowers" and the "users" becomes wide and wider... no?

  17. HD is great, but how many people have it? Here in the US? The rest of the world? Not a major deal, IMO...

    Online we only get a small view of the gamer base out in the real world. I'm telling you, as someone who used to work in video game industry, the majority of players still don't care about online gaming. HD probably wont be a big deal until the generation after PS3, Revolution, XBOX 360... if then. Though, yes, if you have HD now, it's a big deal to you, but the numbers are clear that an extremely large majority of people worldwide don't have HD and wont have it any time soon.

    I have all 3 (4, if you consider Dreamcast the early one out the gate) of the current generation. Gamecube gets the most of my attention, PS2 comes in 2nd and XBOX in far, far 3rd. For the kids, it's almost all Gamecube with a dash of the other 2 thrown in every once in a while. Then again, in the previous gen, I probably played PSX more than N64. Back then, though, I was playing every RPG I could get my hands on. These days, I don't have time for that genre. Nintendo produces games that the whole family can enjoy. I get more bang for my buck from Nintendo first party titles than any other system or company. Ya, the company without internet access, internal hard drives or HD support. Love 'em.

  18. How many people? 12% of Americans have it, and that number will approach 80% by 2008. Last year only 5% or so had it. Furthermore, gamers are often some of the first people to buy new technologies, so the percentage of gamers with HD is undoubtedly higher. Europe is a bit behind, but by 2009 even many of them will have HD sets. And in Japan, 100% saturation could be as little as three years away.

  19. "Mike, Nintendo consoles are not for kids. If you're gonna come to the party, don't bring the decade-old fanboy talk."

    Let me rephrase it then. I think you would find a lot of Nintendo consoles in homes with kids in them due to the software that seems to come out for those consoles.

    I've had all the Nintendo consoles (minus the N64) but ultimately moved to solely PS2 because of the software. The games I was interested in seemed to be more on other consoles, due to Nintendo's policy of controlling content. When I had both a GC and a PS2, games like GTA3/Vice City were solely on PS2. They're loosening up a bit, but I think they will continually skew younger. I don't know a lot of hardcore gamers with a GBA or DS, but they really love their PSP's. But - go to any restaurant or place with a lot of younger kids and it's all GBAs and DS's.

    Which is when it's time to buy my next-gen console in the future, I will choose the PS3. It's got the software I want and technology I can use right now (HDTV and HDMI output).

  20. For the record, my email to Nintendo:

    Hello,I'm an avid gamer. I'm 27, and I've been a fan of Nintendo's consoles for a long time. I bought a GameCube immediately, despite the fact that I had a PS2. I've always enjoyed Nintendo's first-party games as well as the exclusive third-party games. The controller has always been great, and the graphics have always done their job well.I'm an adult now, though, and I'm an adult with an HD TV. I'm looking to buy two of the next-generation consoles, and without HD support, the Revolution will NOT be among the purchases I make. I'm not the biggest videophile out there, but the difference between standard resolution (even 480p) and HD (720, 1080) is pretty dramatic.I understand that you may want to reduce the cost of the console, both for people looking to purchase the console and for developers looking to write games for the console. However, when I'm considering spending $400 for a console (and a few games, a few memory cards, etc.), an extra $50 or $100 doesn't matter much to me, _particularly_ if that extra $50 or $100 gets me HD.Without HD, I won't be purchasing a Revolution. I'll try to get by on the PS3, and will most likely cave in and buy an X-Box 360.Please add HD support to the Revolution.Thank you.

    And their response:

    Thank you for contacting Nintendo,Thanks for letting us know how you feel. We appreciate you giving us your feedback and we will be forwarding it on to the appropriate people for review.There will be more details released about the Revolution in the future so stay tuned to for more information. We are confident that gamers and non-gamers alike will support our focus on fun, innovation, and affordability. Once you have a chance to play games on the Revolution, we think you will!Sincerely,Nintendo of America Inc.

  21. I previously wrote about the Nintendo Revolution not supporting HD, but now there's a new fan site that will attempt to change Nintendo's mind. You can find it at Go. Read. Learn. Speak....

  22. alright heres something i think is sort of wierd. none of the xbox, ps2 or GC consoles seriously supported HDTV. now, the ps3 and x360 are introduced and they just happen to support HD, and BAM! its a must have for some reason. if a new system doesnt have it, there is an outrage and the system is shunned. but the generation of after the ps3 and x360 and revo will probably introduce something new like holograms or something and 2 out of the 3 will support holograms. then ppl will look at the other console and say what!?!?! no holograms?!?!!? thats rediculous! how behind the generation are you!!?!? even though it will be a brand new concept like HD support is becoming. i just dont really get it