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QotD: Opera

Question: Does anyone care that Opera 8 for Mac OS X was released?

My Answer: I don't. I was interested in using alternative browsers for about a month, oohhhhhh, four years ago or so. Not anymore.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Opera"

  1. I don't care either.

    At one point several years ago, I used Opera for Linux. That was before Mozilla, and Firefox, so it was either Netscape 4.7 or Opera. Once Mozilla went 1.0, I switched to Mozilla and then eventually Firefox on Linux.

    A couple of years ago, when I got my first Mac, there was Mozilla and IE for Mac and both sucked so I bought Opera which was clearly the better browser on Mac at that time. Now there are many good free browsers available for the Mac and although Opera may be a good browser, there just isn't any need to pay for a browser, when you can get good ones for free.

  2. I'm just not impressed by Opera in either Windows, Linux, or Mac.

    I prefer Firefox, and use it on all three.

    Opera has a weird UI.

  3. I've never liked Opera. It's just too much of an effort to deal with its interface oddities. Give me a good Cocoa program any day.

    I use Safari 95% of the time, with Camino as my Gecko backup when I'm looking at a site which doesn't seem quite right in Safari. (Although most of the time it doesn't look right in Camino either, at which point I look at the source and usually discover it's from FrontPage or something. I then add the site to my list of "don't go there, it's icky" sites. 🙂

  4. I don't care, because I think Opera has a terrible interface.

    I'll stick with Safari and Camino on my Mac, and Firefox on Windows/*nix.

  5. Personally, I use OmniWeb religiously. For all of the benefits that it provides (saved workspaces, site-specific settings, easy-to-use shortcuts, search shortcuts), I am more than happy to pay for it.

  6. Although I am not about to act on the curiousity and actually download Opera, I am a bit curious to see if they have improved from the last time I tried them, to the extent that OmniWeb did between versions 4 and 5.

    On my desktop running Panther, use primarily Firefox and Omniweb now, with occasional forays into Camino and Safari, but on my Powerbook running Tiger, I am going to try to stay strictly with Safari RSS, without even using an outside News Reader.

    My general style of surfing these days is opening multiple tabs, while I am reading yet another page, and each browser handles this in subtly different ways-- one might hang because a page will not load if you are blocking flash based ads for example. And they all hit a RAM wall (I open fifty links at a time commonly). The advantage of one browser is a disadvantage in another circumstance. I open a new workspace daily (or twice daily) now, in OmniWeb, sometmes I wish I could just lose all the links by closing a window instead.

    If you are a one link at a time surfer, I wonder if you even give browser choice much thought.