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Bosch and Sears

Last night, Carey and I had to pick up a 7½" circular saw for my mom. It's listed as $29.99, on sale from $49.99. A pretty good deal. They had none. We went back to the hedge trimmer section where they had a $59.99 Craftsman on sale for $49.99. They had none. We asked if they'd take $10 off the $69.99 Black & Decker. The answer was no. Twice we asked someone to help us, and twice the person went off and then started helping other people.

Of course, Sears had plenty of $59.99 circular saws, and lots of hedge trimmers from $69.99 to $99.99. I've had it up to here (chin or higher) with Sears and their bait and switch practice.

Compare that customer service with that we received from Bosch. On Tuesday, I called and talked with a nice lady. I told her we'd just bought a house and the owner had not left the manual for the Bosch dishwasher we have. I asked if we could have a manual sent, fully expecting to have to pay for at least postage. Today I received the manual, free of charge.

Thank you, Bosch. Screw off, Sears.

2 Responses to "Bosch and Sears"

  1. I've never had that problem at Sears.. Maybe your local Sears just has particularly bad inventory control and stupid employees.

    Don't forget Henlen's Razor: Never attribute to malice, what can easily be explained by stupidity.

  2. I thought you could get rain cheques on sale items at Sears.