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NetFlix Again

Now that I've got my HD TV and am somewhat settled down in the new house, I've signed up for NetFlix once again. I paid more before - $19.95 and $21.95. I rented 19 movies in three months, resulting in a pretty good savings over BlockBuster, and at the currently $17.99 pricing, it should be an even better deal.

Though movies at the Erie "Tinseltown" run "only" $6.50/$6.75 (matinees from $4 to $5), that's a per-person cost. With NetFlix, Carey and I can watch the same movie for about $3. We can go to the bathroom when we want. We can make our own popcorn. We can rent kid's movies for Little One without paying for three people. We can wear whatever we want and save on gas (though Tinseltown is only two miles away).

I don't know at which point NetFlix reduced their pricing from the $21.95 I was paying to $17.99, but I'm glad they did. At $21.95 I wouldn't have re-joined.

3 Responses to "NetFlix Again"

  1. I'm also a big fan of Netflix. Since I live in a somewhat rural area with no real movie theatre to speak of (though we are getting a nice one soon, it's under construction), Netflix has been a way for me to see the foreign and indie movies that never would have made it to Meadville. They also have a friends feature now which is neat - my sister and I are able to share recommendations and ratings.

  2. I use the expensive $34 5-outstanding plan. I rent a lot - every so often I will rent all seasons of a TV series in huge blocks, CSI, Friends, 24. I've also rented nearly the entire AFI-100 best films list. I recommend everyone watch those.

    Overall, I am very disappointed in DVD quality. Because of scratches or whatever, a very high percentage of the DVDs

    are corrupted (15%?). It's especially exasperating that when

    signal is lost, my player jumps to another track or starts

    over. It is very tedious fast forwarding back to the spot,

    so the junk can be skipped over.

    This ruins my confidence in using DVDs for backups. I'm tempted to start using BitTorrent to steal movies. I look forward for when it is convenient to rent movies by downloading them. (Though I have no interest whatsoever in watching movies on my computer!)

  3. I am guessing you are customer-loyal to Netflix, but I stopped using Netflix right after they dropped their price to $19.99/month. I went a few months without seeing movies and then I started using It's $14.99/month for three out at a time like Netflix, but it is even better because you can drive in to the physical Blockbuster and get two rentals FREE. I use this to rent video games (normally $6.99 for one week,) but you can also use it for new releases or any other movie.