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QotD: Adult Party

Question: Have you ever been to an adult "toy" party?

My Answer: No. But someone I'm married to has. 😛

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13 Responses to "QotD: Adult Party"

  1. Isn't this the typical female version of the batchelor party? Except it is much more like a bridal shower, and doesn't typically have strippers or stag films or whatever? Or are is it different in your case?

    I have escorted young ladies into the filth and danger of your typical adult toy store to procure said gifts for similar occasions. Perhaps it is a bit telling that their idea of naughty and sinful pleasures, involves sitting around and opening gifts.

  2. No. But there was a CSI episode (See: Netflix) where they were in some house containing some dead guy, and there was a bunch of "clean" toys in the dishwasher. Ewww! I think "I'm glad they never asked me over for dinner." was a line in that one.

  3. Yes. We were given one as a wedding shower by our friends.

  4. The wife has been to two a few years ago with her fellow church mates. If the deacons knew or... well, I dunno. Nothing against anyone, but in this situation, with this particular church, if the wrong people knew they'd have been forced before the congregation to apologize for their sins. I just find it hilarious who was there. The host? My wife's ex-husband's current girlfriend. He was supposedly furious that she (my wife, his at the time) went and he had no idea who was hosting. bwahaha.

  5. No, just an adult store like Bud.

    I was under the impression that an adult toy party was like a tupperware party... it is a sales technique in which a woman who sells adult toys will ask another woman to host a party. Then all varieties of adult toys are displayed and even demonstrated in hopes that some of the women present will make a few purchases in that more comfortable surrounding.

    However, if this is just a lingerie shower where the gifts are adult toys instead of lingerie... then I guess I had something else in mind.

  6. David, yes, that's the kind of party to which I was referring.

  7. No, I just go to the store myself and buy what I want. Either the store across the street from Wal*Mart (haha, I bet Wal*Mart is so pissed about that..) or the cheaper one down the street. 🙂

    More convenient, and from what I understand, it's significantly cheaper than buying anything at those "parties." (From what I've heard, the people hosting these "parties" tend to overprice items by a quite a bit, to take advantage of those people who are too embarrassed to go to the store, or live in places w/o adult toy stores.)

  8. These types are very popular as a matter of fact. As a adult toy store owner myself, I find women more comfortable and willing to shop for these products in a discreet and relaxed atmosphere. Most have alot of fun and enjoy themselves.

  9. I do "those parties". I am a Passion Party Consultant. We offer individuals the opportunity to touch, taste, and smell the products before buying. We also offer confidential ordering.

    They are very popular for Girls Night Out or Bachelorette Parties.


  10. I do "those" parties too for Slumber Parties. I think it's a great way for women to have fun, to not be embarassed since ordering is done in private, and get a bit of education at the same time. They are a BUNCH of fun.

  11. Women especially like these parties better than the store because they can get a personal consultation and can order privately. It assists persons with making tough decisions or who have never been exposed to adult toys or products. Also, I personally encourage men to be a part of the experience as well, not all companies will allow that. Cynthia Wittstruck, Executive Director, Passion Parties

  12. The Adult Toy/Lingerie parties are popular and very educational. I'm also, a adult toy store owner and party planner, myself. I continue to maintain a sleeze-free store and continue to cater to women who prefer having a party in the comfort of their home.

    Wanda Fountain, 2 B Naughty

  13. I haven't been to one yet, but I would love to, just for a laugh. Even if it's not your thing, someone's embarrassment is sure to cause a bit of amusement. I wouldn't go with family because that is just way too awkward. I certainly couldn't cope with my aunt yelling "OOH I HAVE THAT ONE AT HOME, IT'S REALLY GREAT!"