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QotD: Garage

Question: What's in your garage?

My Answer: My car! This is the first time I've ever had a garage. Carey's side of the garage still has junk in it - we're not quite moved in. By this coming Sunday we should be set, though.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Garage"

  1. You haven't been with women long enough. You'll learn that *your* side is the one with junk in it! 😉

  2. A car. A bottle of coolant. Probably a few spiders. (I killed a black widow in there about two years ago.)

    It's a tiny garage (good thing I drive a Focus .. many cars wouldn't fit) so I can't really put much crap in there.

  3. Thank you,Derek. I thought that Erik was joking when he pushed all of his junk from his place that he had to "go through later" onto my side of the garage but he wasn't!

  4. My housemate's car. The apartment (4 people) only came with one garage port, and since he's been living here the longest, he gets it. It sorta works out because his is a convertible, but... sure would like to be able to work on my motorcycle in there. (And store it in there in the winter, but it's one of these old 1940's jobbies that has barely enough room for the car alone).