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Digital Booklets and Playcounts

I have a smart playlist in iTunes that shows any song that's unplayed and/or unrated. When I import new music from a CD or buy new tunes from the music store, it reminds me to rate the songs. Every one of my 10,067 songs is rated.

Still, this playlist shows one item and I can't get rid of it. It's a digital booklet. I've rated it, but there doesn't seem to be any way to adjust the play count. I'd like to bump it to 1 to get it out of the darn list.

I've tried adjusting the play count via AppleScript, but I've only come up with errors. Any ideas?

Before I could even post this, I had one final idea, and it's worked. So, here's the script:

tell application "iTunes"

    set blah to track named "Digital Booklet - Monkey Business" in playlist named "Unrated & Unplayed"

    set played count of blah to 1

end tell

5 Responses to "Digital Booklets and Playcounts"

  1. Why not just add one more rule: Kind does not contain "PDF"?

  2. That wouldn't work very well in a "matches any of the following criteria" kind of smart playlist.

  3. Well, that's true. You could make another playlist with "matches all of the following critera", and the two rules Playlist is (the other playlist) and Kind does not contain "PDF", which would also mean you wouldn't need to run that Applescript for every other booklet that you get.

  4. Just play the trick, skip to 1-2 seconds from the end and play the rest. The play count gets incremented when it hits the end of the track, it doesnt matter how much you play of the actual track.

  5. You can't "play" a digital booklet in iTunes.