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QotD: Reading

Question: How many hours per day do you spend reading? How many of those hours are spent reading something without electricity running through it (i.e. on paper)?

My Answer: About five to six. I typically try to read a book or a magazine for about an hour per day. Sometimes it's job related, and other times it's just for fun.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Reading"

  1. I spend about an hour per day reading books. (Mostly science fiction) Probably a bit over two hours per day on weekends.

    On weekdays I probably spend about an two hours reading websites. I also sometimes spend 20-30 minutes reading the New York Times on paper (my employer provides free copies) but not most days. (I usually just read the online editions of NY Times, LA Times, and BBC News.)

  2. I read a lot. I probably spent 7 hours a day reading, but a lot of that is work-related. At home I spend a few hours each night editing articles for MacZealots or reading books and magazines. I wish I had more time to read books. Isn't summer supposed to be the time you sit by the pool all day and catch up on good books?

  3. I print things out when I feel like it 😉 Or like special interesting things ( for me, a very interesting ether physics book, or some tesla stuff) - so i can read it more relaxed.

    but ... i also read onscreen.. using larger fonts than normal, so i dont kill my eyes... iTFT (iMac G4) are pretty nice for this with the crisp* TFT and their adjustable panel..

    *) actually it might more be the steady image.. I can see the refresh of even 85Hz in the corners of my eyes :-/

  4. Sorry - missed the actual answer *lol*

    < 1hrs/day real analog reading (Today.. might be more its weekend)

    digital onscreen depends... 1..5 hours, but i mean real continuous reading, not news and "oh, what was that again" 😀 W3C dosn't count either 🙂