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QotD: iTunes Music Store Tracks

Question: Have you ever bought songs from the iTunes Music Store and been given the wrong song?

My Answer: Yes, though it was some time ago. I did notice that these songs are not properly labeled, and I assume that if you bought one or two you'd get the improper one. Where can you file iTMS bugs? 🙂

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3 Responses to "QotD: iTunes Music Store Tracks"

  1. Letting a Canadian woman sing country? Yech, you get what you deserve sometimes. :p

  2. I've been fighting with the iTunes support people... or whatever bot it is that keeps sending me canned responses... because all the purchased music I've gotten up to now is currently UNPLAYABLE.

    A while before I moved from Panther to a clean install of Tiger, I changed my Apple ID through the iTunes Music Store interface. Before transfer, everything's fine; I can play the existing purchased music without a problem, and all my other Apple services know about the new Apple ID.

    Post-transfer (and copying my Music Library), no go; I get into an endless loop when trying to play the music. It says this computer isn't authorized to play the song, and wants me to authorize with the OLD Apple ID. If I authorize with the new one, the auth is successful, but I still can't play the music.

    And If I try to be smart and change my Apple ID back to what it used to be, it STILL doesn't work! This time, I'm authorizing the old Apple ID, the one listed in the track info for the song, and it still doesn't play after a "successful" authorization.

    FairPlay indeed.

  3. Yes - I've bought 1100 tracks, which is about 1/3 of my iTunes library.