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QotD: Church

Question: Do you go to church? How frequently?

My Answer: Yes. Twice a month, and only so I can play on the church league softball team. Call it sacrilegious if you'd like, but I consider myself a spiritual person, or one who believes in "more than just life here on Earth," but I have some disagreements with the "Church Way" of looking at religion. By going, at least I'm exposing myself to differing viewpoints.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Church"

  1. Yes, I go to church every week... unless I'm out of town.

  2. Churches vary quite a bit, even among the same denomination. When I first moved to my current location my wife and I tried a few churches. We found one we sort of liked but then they also did things we didn't care for. It's so hard to find the right church. But I've been thinking lately that it's time to start looking again instead of leaning on that excuse forever. Finding the right church makes all the difference and is worth the effort.

  3. Yes, but I usually miss one Sunday in any given month... so almost every week.

  4. I go weekly, but then again, I'm the organist and choir accompanist and my wife is the chorister and choir director. So it's kind of important that we show up. 🙂 (Note that we are not paid to do any of that. Everything in our church, including leadership positions is 100% volunteer.)

  5. God No! (pun intended, haha)

  6. I go to church weekly as well. I have found, though, that looking for the perfect church is an impossible task. A church made up of imperfect people will never be perfect, and I cannot either. So in my opinion I'll stick to the local church I find that I can agree with mostly, and do my part the best I can.

  7. Never, if I dont have to. (Ok there is a reason I would go into the building of course, but not for a prayer. I find the energies fascinating, being interested in the subject of "energies from geometries" )

    But my god is not in there anyways...

    The perfect church for anyone is the one he feels most comfortable in. Either you find it here or there, its waht you make of it. This also leads slightly to my way, being more nature related in these terms. I could find my curch in a special place in the woods for example.

    Its what you believe.

  8. Like a few of the others, I go every week.

    I don't feel particularly bad if I miss a week, but I try to make it a priority. I usually find it to be a positive experience.