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Bark, Yard, Bark!

Yesterday Carey and I spent most of the day shoveling, wheelbarrowing, dumping, and spreading woodchips on the beautifully landscaped yard we now call our own. My parents put wood chips around everything in their yard, and they get by with two cubic yards. Carey and I need ten. Ten cubic yards.

Unfortunately, we only had seven. The first two were trucked out by my parents in their tow-behind. The last five were delivered by dump truck. The back yard facing the neighbors in the funny house (the back/north side of the house) remain unmulched.

Lemme tell ya, a cubic yard of wood chip mulch does not go as far as you think it will. One wheelbarrow full covers a spot about 2' x 2'. Five cubic yards weighs about a ton, which means I shoveled at least a ton of wood chips yesterday. Good for the muscles, bad for the back. Surprisingly, I'm not very sore. I attribute it to good technique (as I've nothing else to which to attribute it).

At any rate, the yard looks good. Wood chips (bark and twigs, not real "mulch," which we plan to get next year) run $15/cubic yard. We were charged a $25 delivery fee. So, next year if we go with wood/bark chips and delivery of ten cubic yards, it'll run 10 * $15 + 2 * 25, or $200. Maybe we'll be able to pay someone $400 to just do it all themselves. 🙂

Wood Chips

P.S. The small barked area seen in this photo took nearly one full cubic yard.

2 Responses to "Bark, Yard, Bark!"

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