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QotD: Control iTunes

Question: Do you use Synergy? If not, how do you typically control iTunes?

My Answer: Yep. I don't use any of the menu bar functions, but I do use keys to change the volume, pause/stop/play, ffwd/rewind, rate songs, and hide/show the floater.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Control iTunes"

  1. On the rare occasion that I use iTunes, I use iTunes to control iTunes.

  2. I used Synergy (paid for it, too) until I found Butler.

  3. I used to use X-Tunes, but that stopped working as of Tiger. Now I use FastTunes. I have it mapped to cmd-~. An unobtrusive floating window comes up, with which you can interact using arrow, etc keys. Once you're done, after a configurable number of seconds, the floater fades away. Simple. There are some other options as well, but that's the basics.

  4. I use QuickSilver's iTunes plugin with keystroke trigger actions for pause/play, next, and previous track.

  5. When upstairs, I just use iTunes to control iTunes, or sometimes a Konfabulator widget or Dashboard widget. If I'm downstairs, I use Romeo for track control from my T-616.

  6. I also use Quicksilver triggers. the shift+control+option+arrow keys are good for previous, next, and play/pause.

    I also used to use ByteController. It works like Synergy, but is free and doesn't use as many resources because it doesn't try and get a picture for everything.

  7. I use X-Tunes.

  8. I use ByteController, which is free and lets me control iTunes from the menubar.

  9. I use Applescripts triggered by iKey.

  10. I used to swear by Synergy, but I've recently moved to a combination of GrowlTunes and SizzlingKeys, and I am finding them much less resource intensive and much less prone to strange bugs than Synergy.

  11. Yep, synergy user here.

    Registered, and I'm a download mirror.