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House Hacks: Chest Mirror as Wall Mirror

Carey and I bought furniture a few weeks back and took delivery of our bedroom set a few days later. A few days after that we shuffled the furniture around and put the pieces - bed, two nightstands, chest, and dresser - where they'll likely remain for many years to come.

The positions we chose put the dresser, which featured a large mirror, right next to the bathroom door. On the other side of the door, a 4' x 8' mirror. Needless to say, the mirror was a bit redundant. The ceiling is vaulted and the bathroom has a skylight - more mirrors weren't necessary to "lighten up" or "widen" the room. So we took the mirror off.

Of course, we'd paid for it, so we wanted to use it somewhere. It ended up in the foyer. We bought a 50-pound hanging kit for $7.98 from Home Depot. I drilled holes and attached two clips to the back of the mirror. I attached metal wire to each clip. I nailed two hangers to the wall, hung the mirror, and voilà! A house hack!

Chest Mirror

The only thing left to do is to attach a small L-bracket to the top of the mirror and to attach it to the wall. Right now, it leans out a bit more than I'd like.

3 Responses to "House Hacks: Chest Mirror as Wall Mirror"

  1. Before the jump, the idea sounded like a terrible one but seeing the picture, it looks pretty nice. Does the wood on the mirror and door molding match as well as they appear to in the picture?

  2. I didn't know that you were mechanically inclined but that's what ownership is all about.

    Computers AND hammers. Need a job at the shop? hee, hee...

    Good work!

  3. Nice job! But seriously, this is the kind of stuff I find myself doing all the time friends or myself move to new places - you always have to hack something 🙂 Or when stuff breaks and you don't have the money to buy new furniture, you hack a solution. It's just fun, although I guess it's a guy thing since I'm the one doing it for all my girl friends and my girlfriend.