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QotD: Podcasts

Question: What podcasts (from the iTMS) do you recommend?

My Answer: The only one I've subscribed to thus far is New Music Tuesdays. Perhaps it'll expose me to some new music. There aren't any golf-specific feeds that I can see yet.

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16 Responses to "QotD: Podcasts"

  1. Engadget Podcast, but iTMS is 5 episodes behind.

  2. QotD: Podcasts

    QotD: Podcasts: Question: What podcasts (from the iTMS) do you recommend? My Answer: this Week in Tech (or tWiT.) It's done by the old crew of The Screen Savers. I don't know what it is about that group, but...

  3. I listen to Inside Mac Radio.

  4. I'm going to have to go ahead and link up my own podcast, which Apple was nice enough to include in the directory at launch. Here's a link for iTunes to subscribe.

  5. I think golfobserver has a podcast. tst should do one.

  6. Inside Mac Radio, This Week In Tech, Slashdot Review, Make Audio Blog, Wizards of Technology, and the occasional Dawn and Drew.

  7. Ramiro and Pebbles Jam Scams are very funny, I recommend you check them out.

  8. Daily Source Code, Engadget, ESPN Radio, Inside Mac Radio, MacCast, Make, This and That, This Week in Tech

    iTunes is having trouble getting any of the Daily Source Code's podcasts though.

  9. The Dawn and Drew Show is fun, IT Conversations, and Tech Nation with Moria Gunn.

  10. Try the feeds from the Australian radio station TripleJ. They are awesome and Dr. Karl is a riot!

  11. Inside Mac Radio the daily edition (the weekend one not so great); Mr Curry's DSC, CardClub on Lord Admiral Radio (poker magazine show). The various BBC stuff is worth listening to as well.

    Sadly my own podcast available at the PokerDiagram site (live poker action with my co-host Zog) didn't make the cut somehow for the iTunes launch, despite being in almost every directory, having been running for eight weekly episodes and boasting very fine sound quality!

    Submission isn't an instant process with iTunes either... Fingers crossed though.

  12. I wrote about the Podcasts I listen to in a recent post.

  13. CBC Radio 3 sadly the magazine is no longer being produced, but the archives are nice.

    Aside from that, CBC's Quirks and Quarks, and a few of Australia's ABC's programmes, plus Comme ca du Japon from a frenchman a few 100km north of here in Sendai.

  14. ABC Nightline - Ted Koppel

    Ada Bible Sermons - I have a friend on staff at this church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He's told me that the sermons are really good so I thought I'd check it out.

    Arts and Faith (doesn't seem to work right yet)

    BBC News | World | UK (doesn't seem to work right yet)

    CBC Radio Podcast

    ESPN Radio Podcast

    iTunes New Music Tuesday

    Mars Hill Church Featured Audio

    Newsweek On Air Podcast

    Presidential Weekly Radio Address

    The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast (personal finance show a friend of mine likes to listen to on XM Radio so I thought I'd check it out)

    WBNS 1460 The Fan Audio (Columbus, OH, sports talk station)

  15. There are some great independent radio podcasts at I'm subscribed to a couple of the Radio1190 feeds, and they're all fantastic.

    If you're looking for non-corporate music, it doesn't get any better.