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QotD: Change

Question: What do you do with all of your coin change?

My Answer: Carey and I are putting our change in a piggy bank. We take them to Wegman's or some grocery store and cash them in. We call it our "Outback Fund" - when we save up enough for a meal at the Outback, we go. Of course, I've already caught Carey stuffing dollar bills (and even fives) in the piggy bank, which is in clear violation of the "coin-only" policy!

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7 Responses to "QotD: Change"

  1. I put them into a jar, which I occasionally take to my banking institution to deposit into my savings account.

  2. Our change is scattered to the four corners of our house and periodically my daughter finds a stash. She then dumps them on the floor and plays with them and I clean them up. Its a vicious cycle.

  3. We keep our change in a piggy bank. When it gets full, we roll the coins, take them to our bank, and deposit them.

  4. I think she is starting a 'buy me a steak already" policy.

  5. We put our change in a Friends mug that I bought her when I toured the Warner Bros. studio. Then I periodically take out anything that isn't copper and put it into one of these plastic tubes that usually serve as hardare fastener holders.

  6. Change goes into hurricane glasses from the Bull & Finch (pennies) or quart milk bottles from a local dairy. When they fill up, we'll either get more jars or take them to the bank.

  7. BEVORE the neocapitalistic new world attitude, I used to fill a huge german beer glass ("Mass", 2liters) up, only to go to the bank when its full. Usually I enjoyed putting it into the counting machine myself, but recently had to giv it the clerk.

    anyways, AFTER this neat time and PRESENTLY, I use it to buy cigarettes in coin machines - they dont care.


    Banks either charge money for counting (like 2% or so.. aargl), or they require you to put the money on an account - no cash.

    So... they can keep on charging if the want to

    PS: Really no good idea what i see on the right - a neat girl with McDonalds foot.. oh well starts early those days.. I used to eat vegetables and stuff